Groove Mixer is how to achieve the mixed-function?
Requirements depending on the mixing process, a mixture of materials require different mixing methods and mixing environment. Groove mixer according to the hybrid approach to design a lot of auxiliary mixing function to choose a different auxiliary functions, according to the different mixing requirements.
  Heating or cooling, the material mixing process, heating is a common phenomenon. Some material mixing process needs to be able to achieve a certain temperature environment, be able to meet the material Bunsen mixed, to be able to improve the mixing uniformity. Some mixed material itself contains a certain amount of water in the mixing process can be simple way by increasing the temperature and other moisture drying, to achieve a simple mixture of the drying step function.
  Groove Mixer for mechanical powder mixing vessel shell heating or cooling, to ensure that the mixing process in the mixing vessel at a constant temperature, the main way to groove mixer insulation, the traditional call for a jacket. Depending on the temperature requirements of the common heat: the jacket to heat conduction oil heating wire directly heating the heating oil circulation oil heating steam cycle
  Need to do in order to improve energy efficiency, heating jacket shell layer of insulation to avoid heat circulated into the air. With the mixing process heating requirements, the devices typically also need the auxiliary boiler or other energy devices. For the removal of heat generated in the mixing process of steam or other dissemination of material, the system also need to be equipped with an induced draft system and dust removal system.
  Groove Mixer by mechanical stirrer, air and liquid to be mixed with jet, the materials to be mixed by stirring, in order to achieve uniform mixing. Stir the liquid flow rate is very high, in the interface between the high-speed flow around the low-speed flow shearing, resulting in a large number of localized whirlpool. Whirlpool quickly spread to four weeks, and again more liquid drawn into the whirlpool to the disorder in the small-scale convection-diffusion called eddy diffusion. Requires that all involved in the mixed material when mixed evenly distributed. Stir caused by some of the liquid flow, liquid flow and to promote its surrounding liquid, results in the formation of circulating flow inside the melting, and thus the spread of the resulting liquid is called the main convection-diffusion. The degree of mixing is divided into the ideal mixed randomly mixed and completely mixed three states. Various materials mixed in the mixing machinery, depending on the ratio of the material to be mixed, physical state and characteristics, as well as mixed mechanical type and blending operations continued, and other factors.
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