Groove mixer operation, maintenance, maintenance and purchase of knowledge
   1) channel mixer operating
  1, prior to use empty running, the body should be smooth, abnormal vibration, should be observed for the feed mechanism is working properly.
  2 should be used first start to slow down the motor, and then feed until the rotor rotation normal.
  3, the body material surface shall not be less than the spindle axis plane.
  , Additives should Ingredients in the machine into the half batch to join, and then injected into the grease to enter the main ingredient of all machines, spray after a period of time should be mixed before discharge.
  5, shut down when not in use, the oil add piping shall not be retained grease to avoid grease solidified plug the pipeline.
  6, the material shall not be mixed with metallic impurities, in order to avoid damage to the rotor blade.
  7, geared motor, cylinder, and auxiliary components meet the requirements of normal operation.
  B) channel mixer maintenance
  Rotating flexible and wear a regularly check parts, 1-2 times a month, check the project and other activities of the worm, the worm, bearings, shaft seal part found defective should be repaired in time for normal use.
  Electrical control parts, should be kept clean, sensitive, found that the fault should be repaired in time.
  Once finished or laid off, you should remove the remaining material, brush clear the machine part of the remnants of the powder. Such as disabled a long time, the machine clean, and the tarpaulin cover.
  4, the impeller assembly and disassembly should be light demolition, stabilization installed light, to avoid distortion damage.
  C) channel mixer Common Faults and exclusion method
  A channel mixer during use, such as suddenly shut down, should be open hopper drain material and then start the motor.
  2, the door of the material, such as tainted material, you should check out the sealing contact between the feed door and cabinet, the case of the material the door is closed lax or seal aging, should be adjusted to trip switches or care arm adjustment nut or Replace the seal.
  3, a feed mechanism can not operate normally, you should check whether the failure of the cylinder and the gas supply system or circuit.
  Channel mixer purchase should be noted that
  A. According to the daily production, selection of channel mixer. Due to the mixer each batch of material and processing time of about 6 minutes, with the materials and the feed time, processing time of each batch of material can be 10 minutes, one hour can be processed six batches of material. If you choose each batch processing capacity of 100 kg of the mixer, then the process 600 kg per hour. The user can be selected according to their needs horizontal mixer.
  Two. Horizontal spiral belt mixer works for stirring a mixture of the double helix with the ability to push the material in the opposite direction should be basically the same. Within the spiral with the pitch should be less than the outer spiral bands, to achieve the ability to push material consistent inner spiral with the pitch should be less than the outer spiral bands, the width should be larger than the outer spiral band, otherwise it would focus on the material in one direction . Therefore, the choice of horizontal mixer to pay attention to this point.
  3. The gap between the helix with a helical ribbon mixer design principles, and the case for 4 mm to 10 mm, the material can all participated in mixed friction driven. However, due to the friction coefficient is not the same granularity and materials, make the various components of the materials to participate in mixing time is not the same, resulting in the heterogeneity of the product. Some manufacturers have been aware of this and the product has been improved. Attention to the machining accuracy, the end of the gap reduced to 1 mm to 2 mm; another spiral belt between the spindle and the shell made of a position adjustable, can be regularly adjusted according to the amount of wear between the shell the gap. In the choice of mixer, the product of these two forms is the best option.
  4. Select the horizontal spiral belt mixer to pay attention to the feeding method. Should choose the form of a large door, do not choose the side of the mouth or small opening at the bottom of the material in the form. The reason is: mixer mixing completed in a specified time, the shortest possible time once put clear to ensure material uniformity; such as opening side of the mouth or bottom of the spiral band gradually put the net, one delay time, up less than expected productivity, material already achieve the best uniformity, excessive mixing but will make the material segregation and undermine the uniformity, and thus lose the significance of the choice of horizontal mixer.
  5 Use the horizontal mixer to pay attention to the order of feeding. Generally vote aniseed, jade, rice flour, soybean powder, and then cast the group sub-material, such as premix. Note premix must not spiral elevator feeding the application of one-off tipping bucket feeding or artificial feeding, to avoid the segregation of the active ingredient in the premix loss.
  6. Horizontal mixer, should start in the mixer and then batch by batch feeding. Mixed end to the discharge and do not stop out of the net material and then mixed batch. If the full load and then start, will cause the power away from too much and burning motor.
  In short, choose the one for the horizontal mixer and used properly, will significantly improve the quality of its ingredients, and will soon reflect the benign effect in the breeding process. If you can master with premix technology, but also greatly reduce the cost of feed, and thus improve the profits of farming.
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