what are the optional vacuum dryer factors should be considered?
Basic principle of the vacuum dryer selection
  Advanced technology: advanced vacuum dryer performance. Has a high performance cost ratio, perfect function, operation and maintenance of low-cost, per unit of product and material consumption, low power consumption, higher degree of processing and processing capacity, vacuum dryer is running stable, low investment and product cost, production capacity and labor productivity than the high, long service life; level of advanced technology, high technical content, and is conducive to promoting technical progress and improve their competitiveness, industrial base, the formation of new economic growth point, consistent with sustainable development; advanced level of equipment, Vacuum Dryer reasonable structure, fine workmanship, continuous, high degree of mechanization and automation, has a high safety and health requirements.
  Applicability: adapt to market changes. Adapt to changes in the local natural, economic and social conditions, the same production line hope that can carry the deep processing of multi-level, there is capacity for production control, and broad development prospects, there is conducive to developing domestic and foreign markets; to match the characteristics of inputs, Take into consideration the supply of resources, adapt selected vacuum dryer using the same inputs, try to get a broader product portfolio than other vacuum dryer; adapt to technical requirements of the same project, the production capacity to match, the main vacuum drying, processing of raw materials and auxiliary materials requirements; supporting each other between the machine and the auxiliary vacuum dryer; meet the technical requirements to ensure the yield and quality; and construction of scale, product programs adapt to meet the requirements of the existing technical conditions and maintenance requirements; adapt to ensure safety and security and environmental protection production to minimize the "three wastes"; according to ergonomic principles, consider the vacuum dryer on the environment and operating personnel.
  High reliability: mature high vacuum dryer. Adoption has been fully validated and use the vacuum dryer, and can not risk without pilot shifted to the production of vacuum dryer without the production of the practice or legacy of technical problems, the new vacuum dryer can not be blindly adopted; high production stability shall not cause danger to personnel and should not exceed the national standard to the workplace, and atmospheric emissions of harmful substances should not have exceeded the national standards for noise, vibration, radiation and other pollution. Long life, vacuum dryer trouble-free working hours, vacuum dryer and put into use such as failure to repair, the repair can no longer use to a certain limit so that rejection. Without making clear that the vacuum dryer is usually the design life of 20 years to consider the life of a specific description shall prevail.
  Economic rationality: vacuum dryer to select as much as possible based on the domestic, the cheaper the price of domestic vacuum dryer, vacuum dryer to buy as much as possible to consider domestic solutions; domestic vacuum dryer can not meet the technical requirements, production requirements, quality requirements, and then consider buying abroad vacuum dryer; vacuum dryer configuration should be balanced and reasonable, considering the economy of the entire production line configuration required vacuum dryer configuration and convergence of compact, balanced, coordinated and raise labor productivity; improve the technical and economic value, repeated technical and economic programs, analysis of the various technical and economic benefits of the program, select a small investment, low cost, high-profit, economic vacuum dryer options.
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