Rock particles, the use of the machine in the medicine industry
Rock particles, the machine is a swing role of the rotating drum, through the mesh, wet powder materials research into particles, but also widely used as a ready-made particles smash has been compacted pieces.
  As a mixture of powder particles, and research into the chemical aspects for the suppression of the tablets after drying, they can smash and cemented blocks during storage, or chemical process to form the block in pieces. In the food industry for processing candy, and mixtures and malt milk and other products. Forming particles in other industries such as ceramics, plastics and other mixture.
  Rock particles, suitable for the use of solid, liquid, paste or ground.
  Mesh sieve mesh should be based on the particle size requirements, and owned by the user.
  Chinese medicine granules are a class of commonly used Chinese medicine formulations, based on single herbs as raw materials, by modern technology, extraction, concentration, drying, granulation, such as a granular preparation of the refining processes. Particle formulations and easy to carry, easy to transport, preservation and clinical dosing convenience, and better able to meet the needs of the modern large-scale farming to play traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Now on in recent years, the production technology of Chinese medicine granules Research to do a brief summary of
  Chinese medicine granules Chinese herbal extract with the appropriate accessories or mix with some herbs powder, made of dry granular formulations.
  Rock particles, the machine is a dry powder-like material made of particles through the principle of "repression" equipment. Use of materials containing crystalline water, the first direct materials through the hydraulic role of rolling wheel, made of thin slices. Then the process is made of particles of the crushed and whole as well as grading dust recycling and so on. Rock particles, the machine is the latest product! Research laboratory with a small equipment. A minimum of just 100 grams of material can be machine! Very suitable for the Institute of Laboratory, a small amount and try samples.
  Rock particles, machine materials by adding excipients to live into a dough-like, S-shaped rotary blade through the "cut - squeezing" the principle of the wet materials made of particles, grain shape, a short cylindrical. Mainly used in wet granulation of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food, chemical and other industries, rock particles, a minimum of only about 30 grams of powder to complete the test, and save a lot of time and material. The particle size can be adjusted by replacing the screen to the general specifications for 0.811.21.5 and other specifications.
  Chinese medicine granules solubility and dissolved sub-soluble granules, suspension, granules and effervescent granules. Chinese medicine granules is a combination of soups, wine agent and syrup characteristics of the development since a Chinese medicine formulations, while maintaining the The decoction absorption, effective characteristics of rapid, but also overcome the decoction before taking temporary boiling, long home easy to mold features defeat deterioration, disadvantage of inconvenient to carry, with easy to dissolve, easily absorbed, bioavailability than tablets, the preparation process off than tablets, injections, granules has developed rapidly, by the clinical use a new class of dosage forms. Can also be said that Chinese medicine granules is Chinese Herbal Medicine processing and processing methods and formulations of the reform of research progress is based on the theory of Chinese medicine clinical applications need significantly higher efficacy of special processing an easy to carry and use of Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicines Pieces new formulations.
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