Promote the use of the vacuum dryer microwave technology
The so-called dryer, is to use heat to reduce the moisture of materials, machinery and equipment used for drying operations on the object. The era of progress, science and technology in the development of traditional paste dry there are many problems: conventional heating by conduction, convection and radiation, air convection is difficult to carry out under vacuum, only to provide heat to the material by conduction, dry paste first dry material surface and harden to form a solid shell, external heat is difficult to go in the internal moisture is difficult to discharge, therefore, slow drying, low efficiency, long life cycle, the temperature is not easy to control, directly affect the material dry quality.
  Today, the mentioned vacuum drying technology, effectively avoid this problem. Microwave drying, the materials absorb microwave energy in the microwave field itself overall heat fast heating and even heat distribution, water discharge quickly overcome the traditional heating energy from the outside and gradually heated, the formation of high external temperature, internal temperature is low outside to dry Wet.
  Combination of microwave energy and vacuum technology, so that the material is fast drying, good uniformity and high utilization of geothermal energy, the transmission of microwave energy in the vacuum state will not be affected, the material can be a whole be quickly microwave heating, no energy loss The high thermal efficiency, while the material during the drying process does not form a hard shell, easy discharge of dry gas, the drying temperature is low, fast, high quality, the active ingredient of the drug can be retained. Dry controllable, there is no thermal inertia, is a modern high-tech drying equipment. Therefore, it is of high quality, low cost, large output, high efficiency.
  Vacuum dryer by refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical and instrumentation control systems. The main components of the oven, condenser, cooling unit, vacuum pump, heating / cooling device. It works by first freeze dry items will be below the triple point temperature, the items in the solid water (ice) and then under vacuum condition to sublimate directly into water vapor, to exclude from the article, so that dry goods. Materials are processed into frozen positions to freeze, and then into the sublimation of dry warehouse, followed by post-processing workshop packaging. Vacuum system for lyophilization positions to establish the conditions of low pressure, the heating system to provide materials with latent heat of sublimation, the refrigeration system to the cold trap and the drying chamber to provide the required cooling capacity.
  Efficient radiant heating vacuum dryer, the material is heated evenly; using the efficient capture of the water-cooled trap, and to achieve rapid defrosting; efficient vacuum unit, and can realize the oil-water separator; parallel centralized cooling system, multi-channel on-demand cooling, industrial stable conditions conducive to energy conservation; use of artificial intelligence, control, control of high precision, easy to operate. The quality requirements of the freeze-dried products: biological activity of the same uniform appearance and color, full shape, solid structure, fast dissolving, low residual moisture. To obtain high-quality products, there should be a more comprehensive understanding of the theory and technology of the freeze-dried.
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