Flash Dryer and Dryer advantages introduced

   Flash dryer of the advantages of
  The flash dryer is a set of drying, crushing, screening in one continuous drying equipment, especially suitable for the cake-like, paste, drying mud slurry material. The advantages of using flash dryer:
  1, inside the drying chamber to the gas speed is high, the residence time is short, to effectively prevent the deterioration of the wall material viscosity and heat sensitive materials, can be the first to dry into a uniform powder products, eliminating the need for crushing, screening processes.
  2, the drying chamber is equipped with grading ring and swirl pieces, adjustable fineness and final moisture. Special air distribution device, reducing the resistance of the device, and effectively improve the dry material uniformity.
  The bottom of the dryer to set up a special cooling device and pressure seal installed, to avoid material deterioration phenomenon in the bottom of the high temperature zone.
  4, the effective control of final moisture and fineness, Classifier in regulating feeding, hot air temperature, to ensure uniform moisture content and fineness of the products.
  Spin Flash Dryer structure has the following advantages:
  With inverted cone-shaped structure, spin flash drying room at the bottom of the hot air flow area to the bottom-up continues to expand, the bottom of the gas velocity, the upper low gas velocity, thus the lower part of the large particles and the upper part of small particles can be in good fluidized state. Inverted cone structure to shorten the length of the stirring shaft cantilever, increasing the reliability and stability. Bearings located in the flash dryer to avoid long-term work in the high temperature zone, extending the life of;
  2, the wet material in the mixing teeth scattered and crushed at the same time, they left behind to the wall, adhesive on the inner wall of spin flash drying, mixing tooth top has a scraper can scrape timely bond in the flash drying tower walls materials to prevent overheating;
  3, the hot air at the entrance end of the cone has a cold wind protection to prevent contact of materials with high temperature air overheating deterioration;
  4, continuous operation, the feedstock, air temperature, the product fineness within a certain range to control, thus ensuring the product of the indicators of drying;
  5, the upper part of the spin flash drying chamber has a graded ring, and its role is to make the separation of particles larger or no dry materials and qualified products, block spin flash drying chamber can effectively ensure that product moisture;
  6, spin flash drying equipment is compact, small footprint. Set of dry, crushed, graded as a whole, is the flow of technology, whirlpool, smashing step technologies, the spouted technology and optimal combination of convective heat transfer technology, which greatly simplifies the production process, saving spin flash drying equipment investment and operating costs.
  Advantages of Spray Dryer
  The spray dryer is a kind of continuous atmospheric dryers. Special equipment to feed liquid spray into a mist so that it touched the hot air drying. For some dry heat-sensitive liquids, suspensions and viscous liquids such as milk, eggs, tannins and drugs. Also used for dry dyes, intermediates, soap powder, and inorganic salts.
  Spray Dryer is designed for colleges and universities, research institutes, laboratories, engaged in medicine (traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, bio-pharmaceuticals) food, chemical and other scientific research departments in small and efficient in a small pilot study designed to spray dryer the drying process, low noise, fast-drying, liquid heating temperature is low, operation is simple, convenient, especially for the drying of heat sensitive materials. Remain the original color, flavor, good dispersion, mobility and solubility. The solvent can be directly obtained the uniform dry powder, labor, effort, health.
  Spray Dryer advantages:
  1, dry promptly (generally not more than 30 seconds), although the temperature of the drying medium is quite high, but the material is not overheating;
  2, dry materials in powder state, can be packed directly into finished products.

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