Hot air circulation oven and vibration fluidized bed dryer

   Hot air circulation oven
  The hot air circulation oven air circulation system uses a fan circulating air supply, uniform and efficient air circulation. Wind source is circulating air motor (non-contact switch) driven by the wind wheel through the heater, while the hot air sent through the duct to the oven room, then use the air intake duct to become re-circulation of air source heating use. Room temperature to ensure uniformity. When caused by the temperature swing due to the switching gate action, the air circulation system quickly restored to operational status, until it reaches the set temperature value.
  Hot air oven for baking a chemical gas and food processing to be baked goods, the curing of the ink, the film drying is widely used in electronics, electrical, communications, plating, plastics, metals and chemicals, instruments, printing, pharmaceutical precision baking of the PC board, powder impregnation, spraying, glass, wood building materials, etc., drying, tempering, preheating, stereotypes, and processing; heat circulation, baking object is heated evenly.
  Vibration fluidized bed dryer
  Vibration fluidized bed dryer is an enhanced special-purpose drying device, it is usually the final drying of the material to use. Particulate material stacked in the distribution panel in a drying device, when the gas by the access equipment, the lower part of the bed, with the air flow rate to increase to some extent, solid particles in the bed will have a boiling point, this bed known as the fluidized bed. Using this method for material drying called fluidized bed drying. Help materials fluidized by mechanical vibration during the drying process, not only the boundary layer turbulence, enhanced wear heat and mass transfer, but also to ensure that the drying equipment in the mechanical conditions of a relatively stable stream. This equipment in addition to have good drying function, but also according to the needs of process accompanied by material granulation, cooling, screening and conveying process. Has been widely used in the sugar, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, chemicals, plastics, dairy products, salt, and mining and metallurgy and other industrial sectors.
  Ordinary fluidized bed dryer in dry granular materials may exist the following problems: the formation of the ditch flow or dead zone in the particle size is smaller; entrained particle size distribution range will be very serious; backmixing of the particles, the material inside residence time, the product is dry and uneven; material moisture content slightly larger will produce agglomeration and agglomeration, so that the deterioration in the quality of fluidization. Vibration fluidized bed dryer is the mechanical vibration imposed on the ordinary fluidized bed. Vibration force and wind, the material was fluidized and oriented along the bed of the first movement, full access to complete the process of heat and mass transfer through the distribution plate into the hot air and materials. Adjust the vibration parameters, the backmixing ordinary fluidized bed can be compared to the ideal plug flow in continuous operation. The same time as the import of the vibration, the above problems of the ordinary fluidized bed will be a considerable improvement, heat and mass transfer coefficient is increased.
  Vibration fluidized bed dryer is widely used in light industry, chemical industry, food, agricultural and sideline, the pharmaceutical industry and other industries, powder, granular, small block, dispersion of material. There are a lot of the success of use cases, such as: refined salt, monosodium glutamate, citric acid, oxalic acid, potassium permanganate, sesame, pentaerythritol, polyacrylamide, feed, mycelial protein, Glauber's salt, white plastic ball, catalyst, potatoes diced, soda, detergents, quartz sand blank soybean, soybean meal, metal powder, boric acid, borax, activated clay, fertilizer and so on.

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