What is the difference between groove mixer and the mixer?
Mixing machinery is divided into gas and liquid of low viscosity mixers, high viscosity liquid and cream, mixing machinery, thermoplastic material mixer, powder and granular solid materials mixed mechanical four major categories.
  Gases and low viscosity liquid mixing machinery is characterized by simple structure, and no moving parts, maintenance repair a small amount of low energy consumption. Such hybrid machinery is divided into air mixing, pipeline mixing, jet mixing and forced circulation mix four.
  Mixed mechanical, high-viscosity liquid and paste, generally with strong shearing; thermoplastic material mixer is mainly used for thermoplastic materials (such as rubber and plastic) mixed with additives; powdery, granular solid material mixing machinery and more intermittent operation, including both the role of mixing and grinding machinery, such as wheel rolling machine. Requires that all involved in the mixed material when mixed evenly distributed. The degree of mixing is divided into the ideal mixed randomly mixed and completely mixed three states. A variety of materials mixed in the mixing machinery, depending on the proportion of materials to be mixed, physical state and characteristics, as well as mixed mechanical type and blending operations continued and other factors.
  Liquid mixture depends mainly on the mechanical stirrer, air, and to be mixed with the liquid jet, so that the materials to be mixed by stirring, in order to achieve uniform mixing. Stir caused by some of the liquid flow, liquid flow and to promote its surrounding liquid, results in the formation of circulating flow within the container, and thus the spread of the resulting liquid is called the main convection-diffusion. When the stir caused by the liquid flow rate is high, in the interface between the high-speed flow around the low-speed flow, shearing, resulting in a large number of localized whirlpool. Whirlpool quickly spread to four weeks, and again more liquid drawn into the whirlpool to the disorder in the small-scale convection-diffusion called eddy diffusion.
  Moving parts of the mechanical stirrer in the rotation will produce shearing of the liquid, the liquid flows through the wall and a variety of fixed components installed in the container, but also by the shearing action, will cause many of these shearing local eddy diffusion. Mixing caused by the main convection-diffusion and eddy diffusion, an increase of the different molecular diffusion in the liquid surface area to reduce the diffusion distance, thus shortening the time of molecular diffusion. The viscosity of the liquid to be mixed is not high, can reach a random mixed state in the long mixing time; if the high viscosity, it would take longer mixing time. Density, the composition is different, immiscible liquid, stirring the shearing and strong turbulence the density of the liquid tear into small droplets and dispersed evenly to the main liquid. Stirring the liquid flow rate must be greater than the settling velocity of the droplets. Powdery solid and liquid mixing mechanism, a small amount of insoluble composition and density, the same mixing mechanism of immiscible liquids, but mixing can not change the particle size of powdered solids. Mixed before solid particles so that it can not be settling velocity less than the liquid flow rate, no matter what mixing method do not form a homogeneous suspension.
  A mixture of different paste materials to be mixed repeatedly split and make it be pressure, rolling, extrusion strong shearing action, followed by repeated merger, kneading, and finally reach the required degree of mixing. This hybrid is difficult to achieve the desired mix, only to achieve the random mixing. Powdery solid with a small amount of liquid mixed paste, mixed mechanism of the mixing mechanism and pasty materials. Different thermoplastic materials and thermoplastic materials with a small amount of powdered solid mixture, need to rely on the strong shearing, repeated rubbing and kneading in order to achieve the random mixing.
  Good mobility of granular solids rely on the container itself, rotary, or live in a container the role of the moving parts, repeatedly turning the blending to be mixed, such materials can also be used to air convection or turbulence in order to achieve mixed . Convection or turbulence of the solid particles is not easy to produce vortex, the mixing speed is much lower than the liquid mixture, the degree of mixing is generally only reach the random mixing. Poor mobility, mutual occurrence of adhesion of particles or powder solid, is often required mixing machinery with mechanical turning and pressure, rolling and other actions.
  The requirements and steps of the commissioning of the groove mixer
  Groove Mixer v-belt by an electric motor, worm drag stirring the slurry so that rotation;
  Before the user must check the various components of the machine, first stirrer, mixing box, and its throughout oiled cleaned by hand to move the triangle pulley, check for other fresh obstacles, check stir plasma rotation is correct, electrical is sensitive and when the confirmation, and then empty test, parts transmission flexible abnormal noise, no vibration phenomenon, stirring plasma phenomena including wall, the bearing is less than or equal to 60 degrees, good electrical properties, complete parts, the check the operation, meet the requirements to officially begin production.
  The main structural features:
  (1) Groove Mixer v-belt by an electric motor, worm drag stirring the slurry so that rotation;
  (2) of the stirring shaft at both ends of intention to thrust ball bearings radial thrust ball bearings, to prevent the load of the radial traverse, stirring shaft at both ends of the adjusting screw, be free to adjust the right power worm axial position , so that the centerline of the worm gear and worm alignment;
  (3) pour material down to feed the motor co-mixed box to rotate to the appropriate location, start to pour material, self-locking worm gear, worm drive, so the mixing box at any angle down material.
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