Rock particles, the importance of machines in use
The purpose of rock particles
  The vast majority of Chinese and Western medicine tablets prior made of particles to the tablet, which is determined by the material properties. Made of particles is to increase its fluidity and compressibility. Mobility is often the angle of repose, angle of repose mobility, otherwise the opposite. Pressure is the most simple measure is pressed into a certain hardness of the tablets required for the pressure, said if the required pressure can pressure is good; pressure medicine tablets hardness under a certain pressure, If the degree of hardness is compressibility. Preparation of the particles is the key operation of the legal piece of wet granules, the tablet can proceed smoothly and tablet quality is good or bad.
  The specific purpose is as follows.
  (1) increase the flow of materials: poor powder flow smoothly from the feed bucket into the die hole, has been uneven, increase the weight variation of tablets, but also affect the content of the tablet, made of particles increases mobility. The angle of repose of the drug powder is generally about 65 degrees, the angle of repose of the particles is generally about 45 degrees, so the mobility of the particles in the powder.
  (2) reduce the powder adsorption capacity kept the air in order to reduce the pill loose crack: powder specific surface area, adsorption and capacity to save more air when the pressure of the punch, the powder part of the air can not be timely escape and be pressure within the tablet, the tablet internal air expansion resulting tablets loose crack when the pressure is removed.
  (3) to avoid powder stratification: There are several kinds of original prescription, accessories powder, mixed density, in the tabletting process, due to the vibration of the tablet press, so that in serious cases the sinking, the light go up, resulting in stratification, so that content is not allowed.
  (4) to avoid powder flying: powder tablet dust adhesion to the punch surface or die wall, could easily lead to the phenomenon of sticky red, die.
  (2) the method of rock particles,
  (1) raw materials, granulation method
  ① medicinal powder granulation method
  The powder mix of all the herbs, add appropriate amount of adhesive or wetting agent made of a suitable soft material, extrusion sieved granulation. Binder or wetting agent to be based on the nature of the powder choice, if the powder contains more minerals, fiber and water composition should be used in the strong adhesion of the adhesive, such as syrup, refined honey, caramel, or combination with starch; if the prescription contains more viscous composition, wetting can be optional such as water, alcohol.
  Valuable the fines drugs, this law applies to small doses of toxic drugs and herbs almost non-fibrous powder producer. Such as ginseng tablets, Anwei films and so on, does not apply to general medicine, or the dose is too large. This method is simple, fast and economical advantages, but must pay attention to medicinal powder sterilization tablets meet the health standards.
  ② some medicinal powder and thick extract mixed granulation method will prescribe some herbs made of thick extract, another part of the herbs crushed into fine powder, a mixture of both, if appropriate adhesion can be directly made of soft material, the rock particles. The mixture viscosity is less than is required plus an appropriate amount of binder or wetting agent granulation. Particle pressure test of the mixture viscosity is too large difficult to granulation, or made to appear piebald, pitting should be thick extract and herbs powder mixing, drying, crushed into fine powder, together with the Run wet agent soft material and rock particles machine.
  Wider application of this method applies to most of the tablets Nanoparticles. Yuan Hu painkillers, Niuhuangjiedu films and so on. The biggest advantages of this method is the thick extract with medicinal powder addition has a therapeutic effect, the thick extract from the adhesive effect, while most of the medicinal powder has the role of the disintegrant, compared with the herbs Powder granulation method, saving materials, but also easy to operate.
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