Rock particles, machines and particle machine and the difference
Rock particles machine is a classification of the particle machine products, the main role will be some need for wet or massive dry materials made of particles, the particles machine drying nets can be adjusted according to our needs loosen or adjust only, which is the need to see what the effect of our raw materials want to reach.
  With the increasingly wide scope of application of rock particles, particles machine development in recent years, the mechanical properties, whether some products, crushed under the action of the chemicals production and form a block, mainly used in some factory or some dairy products and other aspects of particle machine has also been a very good development and use, but the particles machine also has his limitations, can not be used in semi-solid and fluid, a certificate or wear particles machine is also a research new products can replace the use of these products, mainly from the structure of the particle machine began to study the structure of get to know very, very aspects of the operation, the running time to ensure the material quality but also ensures that boredom will not change color, we can according to the actual want to regulate the number of sieve machine, so that we can adjust eh different sizes of material, much like organic fertilizer equipment - the use of the dryer, almost in the use of particle machine in some silly crush above to ensure quality.
  Next is to look at the structure of the particle machine, particle machine is the main particle machine-made devices, gear box, sun network, such as motor frame, mainly driven by the motor, adjust the speed according to the gear box, and then drying nets boring tube to sieve particles manufacturing equipment, and then the the Tonggu main smash, the operation is very simple in use when the noise is not great, but compared to the role of the role of the home feed particle machine or the lack of technical , we constantly develop new products. Introduction of advanced technology, through our efforts to create a more suitable particle machine.
  Rock particles, is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, producing a variety of forming particles. The wet powder material can be extruded granules, can also broken into a granular dry bulk materials, and rapid whole.
  Rock particles, the machine is a rotating drum swing role, through a wire sieve can be wet powder materials and research into particles, but also widely used as a crush has become the pieces and ready-made particles.
  In chemical as a powder of wet co-inquiry into the particles, after drying for the suppression of the tablets, they can crush condensed into blocks during storage or sub-caking chemical processing, food industry candy and sugar mixture and malt milk and other products used for processing, forming particles in other industries such as ceramics, plastics, and other mixtures.
  Rock particles machine it does not apply to semi-solid, fluid, slurry or wear purposes.
  , Rock particles machine is strong and powerful, easy to operate, smooth operation, a large volume of the bucket. Rotating drum with a stainless steel, ensure that the quality of processing materials clean and not discolored.
  2 mesh sieve of mesh number of requirements, owned by the user, the device folder in prison with two steel pipes, easy assembly and disassembly slack shore by fine-tooth wheel, can be suitably adjusted according to particle size.
  Swing Granules installation instructions
  A. Rock particles machine for the whole packing, unpacking and moved to the appropriate use of pad level and can be used.
  Two. Electrical wiring devices, is not subject to the limitations of the direction of rotation, the line from the base following through the belt cover to the switch, clamp cable card.
  Swing Granules instructions for use
  A. Use: start the rock particles, machine, and the mixture is poured into the bucket, swing role of the rotating drum, to squeeze the material through the sieve formed particles, such as crushed to pieces, should be gradually added, not to fill, in order to avoid pressure over a large , leaving the screen wearing.
  Two. Note: pink bucket, such as powder to stop no less, must not be spent on shovel in order to avoid hand injury accident, the application of bamboo shovel or parking.
  Rock particles, machine maintenance instructions
  A. Regularly check parts, conducted once a month, check the activities of the worm, the worm, bearing parts flexible and wear and found that the defects should be repaired in time, shall not be reluctant to use.
  Two. Rock particles, the machine should be placed on a clean dry indoor atmosphere acids its parts shall not contain corrosive gas flow spaces use.
  3. Rock particles, one time after use, or lockout, the rotating drum should be removed for cleaning or brush remaining powder will clear bucket, and then installed and ready for the next use.
  4. Disabled a long time, the rock particles, wipe clean and machine body, parts of glossy coated with anti-rust oil cloth Punta cover.
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