Rock particles, the machines used in agricultural production and equipment lubrication problems
Rock particles, the machine is mainly composed by feeding, mixing, granulating, transmission and lubrication system. Course of their work is to ask the water content not more than 15% with the powder from the hopper into the feed auger, by adjusting the variable speed motor speed, to get the right material flow, and then enter the stirrer, stirring rod stirred with steam mixed tone quality, need to add the molasses or grease from the mixing tube by adding the tone quality, together with the steam and grease amount is generally not more than 3%, otherwise difficult to shape, powder temperature can reach 64 to 85 after quenching and tempering with the ℃, Humidity 14 ~ l 6%. Through the chute and then removed after the choice of iron absorption device in the mixed powder of iron impurities, and finally into the suppression of room for granulation.
  Fresh chicken manure mixed with a certain proportion of pig manure after full fermentation maturity, dried, grated, add the right amount of corn flour, and then smash the mix, feed pellets can be made pellet feed machining. Feed processing and animal nutrition are closely related, quality products to the need to jointly design and manufacturing of scientific formulas. Appropriate granularity have a greater impact on the nutritional value of the benefits of farmers, feed products, market share and metabolic disease prevention. The feed of the most suitable granularity refers to feeding the animals with the maximum utilization of feed, the best performance and does not affect animal health, economically viable, the geometric mean particle size. Feed particle size can increase the chance of the animal gastrointestinal tract, digestive enzymes or microorganisms to improve the digestibility of the feed, reduce the loss of nutrients and animal manure excretion and environmental pollution; enable a variety of mixing of raw materials, production uniform texture to effectively prevent the powder with the material hybrid uneven; can improve the feed modulation effects and aging extent, improve pelleting and extrusion effect; easy to animal feed to reduce feed waste, easy storage, transportation.
  Feed machinery is divided into: Feed Machinery Group feed machinery parts crushed equipment series mixing equipment series granulating equipment series grading equipment, drying equipment and stability of extruder cooling equipment, transportation equipment cleaning equipment
  Although optimistic about the market prospects of animal husbandry and feed processing machinery, but due to various reasons and history, yet the prevalence of a number of issues: First, the current corporate heavy burden, lack of funds for technological transformation. The second is less product variety, low technical content. Market competitiveness, the products behind the market demand.
  Rock particles, machine equipment is the main production tool for feed companies, but also an important part of the fixed assets of enterprises. Machinery and equipment in the course of both their production products, to create profits, but also its own wear and tear of the process of wear is one of the most important reason of mechanical equipment failure.
  Rock particles, machine equipment, lubrication is an important means to prevent and delay the failure of component wear and other forms of lubrication management is one of the Device Manager, the most basic and most critical work equipment "Possession, use, support, and repair of vital importance component. To strengthen the management of the equipment, lubrication, and to ensure the production of normal, reducing the visible wear and tear of equipment, to extend the useful life of equipment and spare parts replacement cycle, reduce equipment accidents and failures, and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises is of great significance. Basic knowledge of equipment lubrication management. Prepared by the friction of the purpose and mission control equipment lubrication management, reduction and elimination of the equipment worn a series of techniques and organizational methods, collectively known as equipment lubrication management.
  Rock particles, machine equipment lubrication management purposes: to give the device the correct lubrication, reduction and elimination of equipment wear, extend equipment life. Ensure the normal operation of equipment to prevent equipment accidents and reduce the device performance. Reduce friction, reduce the kinetic energy consumption. Improve equipment productivity and processing accuracy, and ensure that enterprises get a good economic benefits. Reasonable lubrication, saving oil, to avoid wastage. Equipment lubrication management of basic tasks: the establishment of equipment lubrication management systems and working conditions, development of lubrication of staff responsibilities. Collect lubrication technology, management information, and lubrication technology file, the preparation of the lubrication card to guide operators and allied greaser do a good job lubrication. Approved a single piece of equipment lubricating materials consumption norms and the timely preparation of lubricating materials plan. Check the quality of lubricating materials procurement, good lubricating materials into the library, custody, payment of management. Preparation equipment, regular oil change plan, and make the waste oil recycling. Check equipment lubrication and timely solve existing problems, the replacement of the defect lubrication components, devices, refueling tools and appliances to improve the lubrication method. To take positive measures to prevent oil spills and control equipment. Technical training do the staff work, and raise the level of lubrication technology. Implement lubrication "scheduled", "filtering" principle study, sum up and promote advanced lubrication technology and experience to achieve the scientific management.
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