Household universal development and characteristics of the operation of the grinder
Television shows of health care fire, health experts also fire with the people's living standards improve, more and more people have recognized the necessary, simple meals and processing is necessary in daily life, such as some beans, nuts, food crush, so some of the universal grinder, domestic grinder, Chinese medicine grinder will quietly into the ordinary household kitchen.
  In fact, the tradition of universal grinder, small high-speed grinder, cup mill are used in laboratory research institutes and universities a small device, in the analysis of some materials, the need for The experimental material after crushing in order to further extraction processing, universal grinder also use a very wide range. The face of increased dietary health, whole grains health information on this popular a few years, as well as people focus on health and health have come into contact with the laboratory grinder crowd will ancestors step experiments with crushed machine quietly applied to the home, homemade black sesame paste, homemade whole grains, porridge, etc. These useful and convenient food and more to small household grinder, beans, grains and herbs, all kinds of supplements in the family kitchen to make the necessary pulverization treatment, used to filling the capsule in order to carry is a common crushing purposes. The small but perfectly formed, although the universal grinder compact and simple structure, but the core of the motor, the whole material, and easy to maintain aspects of maintenance and so on must be considered.
  Small household grinder introduced into the family kitchen for some food type of materials processing, such as soybeans, mung beans, red beans, corn, wheat, sorghum, rice lights food crops, more customers will be of such universal grinder of Chinese medicine in the donkey-hide gelatin, Panax, caterpillar fungus and other pieces. Has been growing its sales also showed an increasing trend, some unscrupulous businessmen also began to attract customers with cheap low-quality raw materials, assembly manufacturing small Chinese medicine grinder. Shape and regular manufacturers universal grinder is not much difference, however, the intrinsic quality and service life is greatly reduced, so that the majority of customers to choose a bed of roses and the reliable quality and high-quality small high-speed grinder, our company (Beijing Yanshan Masanori Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.) technology department specifically summarizes about quality compared to identify a few high quality shredders and inferior grinder for friends as a reference.
  Pros and cons of universal grinder identification methods:
  1, high-quality universal grinder part crush cans made of stainless steel metal forming, and smash the tank surface polished appropriate so that the machine can be cleaned easily after use; crushed cans of low-quality grinder with iron and the inner wall plating surface treatment, although it looks bright as a mirror, but generally 2-3 times after plating layer will wear, revealing the black iron grass-roots, damp or scrub with a damp, not dry in time, prone to corrosion, affecting the next use.
  2, high-quality universal grinder motor rotor with custom winding part of the GB enamelled copper wire, copper wire has the advantage of the low resistance value, strength, heat resistance, so long life, the work is not easy to produce heat; inferior universal grinder motor windings with Aluminum conductor wire wound resistor value, so work fast temperature rising, the motor can overheat damage.
  3, high-quality universal grinder can contact to crush the Chinese herbal medicine or food processing 10kg class materials without affecting the product life, universal grinder of poor quality, but often only sifted through a 1-2kg material body felt very hot, which is If you do not stop working will cause the motor burned, thus losing the warranty eligibility.
  4, high-quality universal grinder motors are generally imported bearing assembly to ensure that the motor lubrication 25,000 rpm high-speed rotating process intact, not overheating; inferior to universal grinder on the market very cheap low-quality bearing assembly, thereby reducing the indeed the whole of the cost of sacrificing life.
  In summary, most home users are mostly not very good professional knowledge of electrical and mechanical aspects of the low price of some inferior products they are easily attracted to buy almost a one-off inferior grinder, so the customer in the purchase of small household grinder must do the low price is not reasonable, shop around and then decided upon. Beijing Yanshan Masanori Machinery Co., Ltd., engineers continue to improve our small home shredder, and use a variety of measures to cool both the temperature of the crushing process to achieve controllable adjustable to adapt to a wider range of materials and various environmental requirements of the machine.
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