How to use the rock particles machine granulation moisture pesticide materials?
Rock particles machine connected to the power supply duct connected to the cooling water pipe connected below the inlet, above the outlet pipe, start the power switch in the inverter panel, press the ON and adjust the frequency converter frequency (typically 30-45HZ, under the circumstances, the sticky material frequency a little lower material frequency can be relatively easy to do) look at the turn of the rock particles, the knife is correct, everything is normal, a good mix of small car material uniform joined the rock particles, and barrel, rock particles, such as function of normal material will be duct valve open, open the size of the adjustment based on actual conditions and open water pipes (water flow is determined according to the actual situation, can also be used recycled water) when after a number of material processing, the first inverter frequency is adjusted to 0, press the STOP button, turn off the power switch, the mechanism of material of the rock particles, part of the open clean.
  Rock particles, machine Note:
  1, rock particles, knives and screens to adjust the appropriate distance, generally the closer the better, do not touch the rock particles network to normal operation
  2, check before sieve ring has been fixed, whether the rock particles on a knife screw fastening, with or without loosening the mesh of the sieve is clean?
  3, the normal operation of a few minutes, the rock particles machine is functioning properly? Slowly began feeding, Note: the increase of material can not have hard materials especially hard materials, according to the material viscosity extent, adjust the appropriate speed, if the viscosity is relatively high, will reduce the speed of the point, try to make the screen at work The process does not shake.
  4 End of each work to thoroughly cleaning the appearance of the rock particles, knife and rock particles, sieve tube, and dry with a dry cloth
  5, if the work mesh not material, may have screen mesh blocked screen will be removed cleaning the work, work from time to time does not work, and so the next working To screen to work clean, dried powder in order to avoid blocking the mesh, so that is also very easy to screen squeeze bad.
  6, the rock particles machine normal operation of three months thoroughly equipment maintenance, replace the gear unit oil replaced with a new No. 46 machine oil
  Open air-cooled and water cooled, according to the material properties more sensitive to heat, the amount of wind slightly open point, sensitive to hot to open a small point or not open.
  Work or cleaning material fall into the inverter panel, so it is easy to drive panel damage. Governor when the slow speed control
  3, drying
  First fluidized bed hopper pulled out of the system will be a good wet granular cast, pushing back the host, start lifting cylinder reset with host closed up, and then activate the fan and mixing system (at the beginning you can not open mixing motor until the material is slightly dry to open a little stirring motor, which reduces the material crushing, as the case may be) cleaning system, setting the inlet air temperature, the material began to dry, after a period of time sampling and analysis, drying qualified after shutdown Pull out the fluidized bed hopper discharge after sifting.
  Place the prepared particles dryer drying, drying, after sifting through the FS square sieve, the material uniform by adding a sieve feeding mouth, out of which the discharge port is larger particles, under the discharge port out of small particles or powder directly mixed granulation; out of the discharge port in the qualified products.
  Large particles of uniform to join the YBK160 rock particles (select the appropriate screen according to the particle diameter), whole particles through a square sieve sifting.
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