Swing particle machine, maintenance and maintenance Daquan
Rock particles, the use of methods and precautions
  1, rock particles, machine use:
  Start the machine of the rock particles, the mixture is poured into the bucket, swing role of the rotating drum, squeeze the material to the formation of particles through the screen, such as crushed pieces, should be gradually added, not to fill in order to avoid pressure over, leaving The sieve vulnerable.
  2, the rock particles machine Note:
  Such as powder pink bucket to stop no less, must not be hand to shovel, so as not to cause the accident of the injured hand, application of bamboo shovel or parking.
  Maintenance of knowledge of the rock particles,
  Regularly check swing particles machine parts, once a month, check the worm, the worm, bearings and other moving part of the flexible and wear and found that absenteeism trap should be repaired in time, may not be free to use.
  2, rock particles, machines should be placed on a dry and clean room, the atmosphere shall not contain acids, its mechanical parts corrosive gas flow spaces use.
  Remove the rotary drum, rock particles machine after use or downtime for cleaning and brush remaining powder will clear bucket, and then installed and ready for the next use.
  4, such as the disabled a long time, must be rock particles machine systemic wipe clean, and parts of glossy coated with anti-rust oil, every cover with a cloth.
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