Fluid bed dryer features, advantages, applicable to a wide range of
Fluid bed dryer works: loose granular solid material is fed into the fluidized bed dryer. Pass filtered clean air heated by the blower into the fluidized bed at the bottom of the distribution board and solid materials in contact, forming fluidization reach the gas-solid heat and mass exchange. Dry materials discharged from the discharge opening, the exhaust gas discharged from the top of the stream bed, the cyclone dust collector and baghouse dust collector to recover the solid powder after discharge.
  Fluid bed dryer uses:
  The fluid bed dryer for dry bulk granular materials. Such as: pharmaceutical drugs in bulk drugs, tablet, granule, Chinese medicine granules, chemical raw materials in the plastic resin, citric acid and boiling dry dehumidification drier powder, granular materials. Food, food processing, feed dry food and beverage granules, corn germ, feed dry. Material particle size is generally 0.1-6mm, the best particle size 0.5-3mm. Product advantages of automation, continuous production, fast-drying, low temperature, to ensure product quality, in line with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.
  Natural air After heating purification, by the fan pumping into the container through the porous network board mixing and negative pressure to form a fluidized state, in a large area of ??gas-solid contact, the rapid evaporation of moisture within the material (solid phase) , with the exhaust pipe to drain away, to achieve the purpose of dry materials.
  There are a lot of boiling dryer features and advantages:
  A hopper loaded material with a stirring device, while stirring drying, difficult to form dead ends so that the material in the hopper, the material absorption by the heat evenly, fast drying.
  Loaded material hopper is tapered to increase the material flow rate, easy flow, and can be adapted to a wide amount of material, each batch of up to 80 120kg / batch.
  Capture bag is made with anti-static filter material, light texture, easy disassembly and cleaning.
  4, fluid bed dryer design of the gas distribution plate, the heat carrier gas flow across the spiral into, so that boiling the material flow from the sub-contact contained hot air sucked by the heat evenly, fast drying material. To reduce steam consumption, saving energy.
  Loaded material hopper equipped with sampling devices can sample at any time, to dry the end of dry test material to ensure product quality.
  6, fluid bed dryer is also equipped with a cold process, the materials can be dried in a timely manner through the cold cold cut. Prevents the material due to excessive deterioration, waste heat to ensure the quality of the drying materials.
  7, fluid bed dryer also uses special material to air heat filter, foreign body to prevent the radiator and air impurities into the material, to ensure a clean and pure materials.
  8, heat transfer fluid bed dryer to good effect, the bed temperature is relatively uniform, with a high heat capacity coefficient (or the volumetric heat transfer coefficient), the production capacity;
  10, due to the fluidized bed temperature distribution, to avoid any local overheating of the product, it is particularly applicable to dry in some heat-sensitive materials (such as grinding taro, polyacrylamide, etc.);
  11, in the same fluid bed dryer for continuous operation, intermittent operation;
  12, material residence time within the dryer as necessary to adjust, so the product moisture content and stability;
  13, fluid bed dryer no dead ends, lighter, faster loading and unloading, rinse, to meet the GMP standard.
  14 independent electrical cabinet and PLC human-computer interaction, operating control, integrates all drying parameters set, safe and convenient operation;
  15, less drying device mechanical transmission components, fluid bed dryer investment cost and less maintenance workload.
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