Vacuum Dryer user manual, operating personnel necessary
(1) are not allowed to flammable, explosive and volatile materials into the vacuum dryer for drying, so as not to cause an explosion.
  Low-temperature vacuum dryer indoor place the test sample can not be too dense, so as not to affect the normal flow of the work of indoor air, there are 10 ~ 20mm gap shall be provided between each item, and symmetrically placed on each shelf items placed to be staggered. the distance of the bottom of shelf with the studio at the bottom must have a distance greater than 100mm.
  (2) the average load of the sample shelf should not exceed 20kg.
  Items can not be placed on the shelf between the sample chamber and heating chamber, so as not to affect the heat exchange.
  Of nickel wire of 4 vacuum dryer be sure to check before using any overlap, the place of the short circuit.
  The heat indicator is not lit, the reasons are generally three: ① bulb is broken; the ② bulb contact with non-performing; ③ heating system failure.
  Open the heating switch, not heating. General reasons: ① nickel-chromium wire circuit; ② switches and lines sealing off; (3) temperature control knob means the zero (rotating the temperature control knob to specify the temperature scale); ④ relay damage. Temperature control failure, because in general there are three: ① thermal probe damage (replacement thermistor); ② relay damage; ③ temperature control system component failures (with a multimeter to measure the failures, repairs, according to the situation) .
  The use of vacuum dryer to be the person responsible for the vacuum dryer after use should be cut off the external power supply, eliminating the accident.
  Around in the vacuum dryer should stay in a certain space, easy to equipment cooling, and operation and maintenance.
  9 to prevent a sharp, sharp objects, scratches vacuum dryer equipment.
  10 Please do not disassembly the vacuum dryer electrical components and equipment (ministry) to avoid damage to the electrical control circuit, resulting in equipment, human error and affect its performance.
  11 storage, use a vacuum dryer, surrounded by flammable, explosive and corrosive substances.
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