Chinese medicine rock particles, and the general rock particles, the similarities and differences in the structure
Rock particles machine as if its name as a wet powder mixture of positive and negative rotation of the rotating drum, mandatory equipment made of particles through the sieve, sieve using wire mesh, installed demolition of a simple, adjustable elastic. Mechanical main components enclosed in the body, together with the lubrication system, the production process running smoothly. The whole appearance of stainless steel. Meet the GMP standard, quality and economic efficiency of the particles significantly improved.
  Rock particles machine is mainly applied in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, manufacturing a variety of particles to suppress the various molding products after drying for rock particles, the machine can also be used to crush dry material condenses into massive.
  Material contact points are made of stainless steel, this is the case not only looks elegant and easy to clean, good standing of the user's point of view for users to consider only that rock particles machine also has a simple, low power consumption advantages.
  Four features of the rock particles machine
  Rock particles, the machine has simple structure, reasonable access to adequate energy, advanced granulation way, energy efficient features. A machine with granulating, grinding, cloth three functions can be achieved by the use of a machine's purpose. Rock particles machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, manufacturing a variety of particles. Rock particles, maximum advantage is the ability to adjust the granulation of arbitrary within a certain range speed, consistent fabric homogenization make wet particles and dry particles. Use a consistent response by the user, the aircraft uniform granulation, containing silt rate, easy operation, long life, meet the GMP requirements.
  Rock particles, machine features:
  1, particle size uniformity, control simple; rock particles, the machine is to wet the powder mixture, in a rotating drum positive, anti-rotation under the action made mandatory through the sieve particles. Adjust the screen of the slack and the roller speed can be controlled to some extent, particle size and density.
  2, the axis of rotation a good seal will not be contaminated materials: rock particles, the spindle above the gearbox, and the design of tight shaft seal structure to ensure that the crankshaft no oil leakage, do not wear material, to avoid material contamination by lubricants, to GMP requirements.
  3, electromagnetic speed, both deceleration and acceleration functions; machine uses electromagnetic speed control device, the spindle speed conversion, faster speed, loose particles; the slower speed, the particles close to transform the granularity can be achieved by the speed. Spindle gearbox gear change to enable the spindle speed or deceleration.
  Beautiful, easy to clean; the rock particles, enclosure of all stainless steel wire drawing board packaging, clean non-toxic, anti-corrosive, aircraft need to clean parts only granulation chamber section, the main screen and hexagonal drum. Rollers without dismantling, the screen is easy to demolition and is very light, very convenient cleaning.
  The five structures of traditional Chinese medicine rock particles
  The five structures of traditional Chinese medicine rock particles
  Rock particles, machine folder by subject, particle manufacturing equipment, gear box, sieve tube, the motor frame, detailed information is as follows:
  Body: the body of the rock particles, an independent rectangular cylinder on the device closed bearing and powder bucket connected, pink bucket to stretch the body, under which is equipped with a V-shaped chassis, the ground a broad and flat, therefore be fitted can be any place for indoor use.
  , Particle manufacturing equipment: rotating drum lying set the bucket in the powder below, front and rear bearing supports for the inverted rotary rack drive, the end of the bearing cap is movable assembly and disassembly, as long as the spin under a wing nut, the bearing cap and rotating drum to be pulled out, place the roller at both ends of the system has a convex side ring, embedded bearing indoor, that is not to make the oil penetrate the powder will and will not be bonded plugged.
  Gearbox: using a worm gear, the ratio to 1:12, the box can be stored oil to ensure good lubrication of gear and no noise, endoscopic observation, observation of the functioning of the oil reserves on the box, worm gear outer end, equipped with eccentric shaft to drive the rack for reciprocating movement.
  4, folder sieve tube: device on both sides of the rotary drum, steel pipe manufacturing, in the middle to open a long trough, both ends of the embedded slot of the screen, turn the flower-shaped hand wheel will screen wrapped in a cylindrical rotating drum hand wheel, gear shore, tightness can be adjusted.
  5, the motor frame: a screw bolt firmly, motor mounted on the iron, when the rotation of the screw bolt, the motor up and down movement for the adjustment belt.
  Rock particles, the machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry to manufacture a variety of particles.
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