Should be noted that in the use of steps and use of the vacuum dryer
   Vacuum Dryer is by removing the packaging container internal air to reach a predetermined degree of vacuum inside the container of water equipment, remove. Work when dry, the tank in a vacuum jacket through hot water (or steam, conducting oil) heating, with the tank low-speed rotation, the material in the tank continuously from top to bottom, inside and outside as a "diamond-shaped trajectory" movement and to absorb the evaporation of water The steam is continuously discharged through the vacuum line to achieve the purpose of drying. According to customer requirements in the dry mixture at the same time, built-in spray, filtering, grinding, and other devices to achieve its multi-function operation.
  The use of vacuum dryer steps:
  Required dried items into a vacuum oven door closed, the box and close the bleed valve, open the vacuum valve connected to the vacuum pump power began pumping inside the vacuum degree-0.1M Pa Close vacuum valve, and then turn off the vacuum pump power.
  2 to the power switch of the vacuum oven dial to "open", select the desired set temperature, the inside temperature begins to rise, when the inside temperature is close to the set temperature, the heat indicator suddenly bright suddenly put out, repeatedly into the constant temperature within the general 120min.
  3, when the required operating temperature is low, can be the second setting method, such as the desired temperature of 60 ° C for the first time can be set to 50 ° C, the temperature overshoot began to fall, then the second set 60 ℃. This can reduce or even eliminate the temperature overshoot phenomenon, as soon as possible into the constant temperature. (Please refer to the following "nine" operation).
  4, according to the moisture of the different items, select the drying time, such as drying time, the vacuum decreased the need to exhaust again to restore the vacuum, vacuum pump power should then open the vacuum valve.
  Should be dry after the end of turn off the oven power, open the release valve, the lifting of the vacuum state of the box, again out of the box door to remove the items. (Lift the vacuum seal with the glass doors sucked tight deformation is not easy to immediately open the door, after a period of time, the ring to restore the prototype, can open the door.
  Vacuum dryer should be noted that in the course of the problem:
  A vacuum dryer shell must be effectively grounded to ensure safety.
  (2) vacuum dryer relative humidity ≤ 85% of RH, no corrosion around the vacuum dryer sexual gas, no strong vibration source and the existence of a strong electromagnetic field environment.
  Vacuum dryer studio explosion-proof, anti-corrosion treatment, shall put Yi Ran, explosive, easy to produce corrosive gases items bipyramid rotation vacuum dryer.
  Vacuum dryer can not be a long time work, so when the vacuum degree of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer items, you should close the vacuum valve, then turn off the vacuum pump power until the vacuum degree is less than the double cone rotary vacuum dryer items , then open the vacuum valve and vacuum pump power, continue to vacuum, so extend the vacuum pump service life.
  5 double cone rotary vacuum dryer, items such as wet, and the best join between the vacuum tank and vacuum pump filters, to prevent the wet gas into the vacuum, causing the vacuum pump failure.
  Light weight, small size (small granules), the vacuum in the working chamber members plus the deadening network, to prevent double cone rotary vacuum dryer inhalation damage to the vacuum pump (or solenoid valve).
  7. Vacuum dryer after repeated use, it will produce not vacuum phenomenon, and you should replace the door seals or adjust the box on the door buckle stretched distance. Will produce a slow leak phenomenon (except for 6050,6050 B, 6051,6053 outside), then open the box to double cone rotary vacuum dryer behind cover when the vacuum box double cone rotary vacuum dryer temperature higher than 200 ℃ Allen wrench loosen the heater base, the exchange ring, or tighten the heater base.
  8 release valve rubber stopper rotating difficulties can, including a generous amount of grease. (Such as Vaseline)
  In addition to maintenance, you can not open the box on the left cover (6090 and 6210 excluded) in order to avoid damage to the electrical control system. 10 the vacuum dryer should be kept clean. The door glass should not respond to a chemical solution to clean, the application of soft cotton cloth.
  11 vacuum dryer without long-term, wipe the exposed plating and painted with neutral grease to prevent corrosion, and wear a plastic film dust cover, placed in the double cone rotary vacuum dryer, indoor to avoid electrical components from moisture damage, affect the use.
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