Introduce the type of grinder, and should pay attention to use
   Pulverizer is very widely used in the production of day-to-day work, many types, in order to allow customers to buy better suitable for the production of shredders Here grinder several models.
  An experiment with a grinder: the advantages of various materials have good crushing effect. Coarse crusher especially pearls, chemical raw materials, minerals and most traditional Chinese medicine, built-in screen thickness adjustable; shortcomings into feed size should not be too large, the yield is very small, only suitable for experimental sample preparation crushing.
  2, winnowing Chinese medicine grinder: advantage of traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of nature (including fiber, a bit of fats and oils, and a bit viscous classes) are ideal food crushing effect, the best fineness similar products. Chinese medicine grinder up to 200 mesh, for a long time the work of the body should not be fever, crushed Chinese medicine the best customers were the most satisfied with the model; drawback is that the crushed material is completed there will be a small amount of residue can not be crushed.
  3, the herbal medicine pulverizer group: addition winnowing the advantages of Chinese medicine grinder machine using high-quality stainless steel, meet the GMP standard to meet production needs.
  4, low noise grinder: Advantages quieter working to meet the health standard, built-in screen thickness adjustable, ideal crushing effect of the pearls, chemical raw materials, mineral, and the majority of Chinese medicine; attritor shortcomings prone body heat, work time is not too long, not a bit of fats and oils and a bit of sticky material crushed.
  5, small high-speed grinder: Advantages easy to use, crushing speed, drugs lossless crushing effect of the pearl, mineral class and the majority of Chinese medicine; drawback is that some of the material grinding fineness uneven, not suitable for heavy processing.
  6 universal grinder: superfine grinding equipment for the use of the weight of grinding, shearing in the form, to achieve a dry material. It consists of a cylindrical grinding chamber, grinding wheels, grinding rails, fans, material collection system. Material by feeding into the mouth of a cylindrical grinding chamber, grinding wheel along a circular motion grinding rail rolling, shear crushing. The crushed material through the negative pressure caused by the fan airflow with the crushing chamber, into the material collection system, through the filter bag, the air is discharged, the material, the dust is collected, complete pulverization.
  First, universal grinder machine vibration, noise significantly. The universal grinder commonly used motor directly coupled crushing device, this connection is simple, easy maintenance. However, if both in the assembly process can not be a good connection, it will cause the overall vibration of the grinder. The crushing chamber portion vibration. The reason is the uneven quality of the coupling with the rotor join different heart or rotor inside the flat hammer. Can be taken according to the different types of coupling method withered the whole coupling with motor coupling: when the uneven quality of the hammer, to be re-matching each set of hammer, hammer symmetrical, symmetrical hammer chip error is less than 5G. Hammer to break or smash indoor hard debris. These will cause rotation of the rotor imbalance, caused by machine vibration. Therefore, periodically check for wear hammer. Replacement to be symmetrical replacement; the grinder operation of not a normal voice, to immediately stop check and find out the reasons timely. Join grinder system and other equipment do not coincide. Such as feeding tubes, the discharge tube joins improper, will be to cause vibration shipped and made sound. Therefore, these coupling section should not be used hard links, the best soft join.
  Second, universal grinder bearing overheating. The bearing is more important universal grinder accessories, and its direct impact on the performance to the normal operation of equipment and production efficiency. Equipment during the operation, the user should pay special attention to the noise of the warming of bearings and bearing parts of abnormal early. The two chock rugged, or rotor shredder rotor heart, cause bearing additional load impact, causing the bearings overheat. This is the case, you should immediately stop using the universal grinder, troubleshoot, to avoid damage to the bearings early. Bearing oil too much, too little or aging is caused mainly due to overheating and damage to the bearing and, therefore, requires time quantitative filling oil, general lubrication accounts for 70% -80% of the bearing space according to the use of the use of book too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. Bearings extend its life. Tight bearing cap and shaft with bearings and shaft with too tight or too loose will lead to bearing overheating. Once this occurs, the device operation, we will send the friction audible and obvious swing. Should stop using the universal grinder, remove the bearing. Trimming friction parts then reassembled required.
  Third, universal grinder clogged. The feed speed is too fast, the load increases, causing blockage. Feeding process, it is necessary to pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection angle, if you exceed the rated current that motor overload, overload for a long time, will burn out the motor. Such a situation should immediately reduce or close the loading door can also change the way you feed to control the feed rate by increasing the feeder. Feeder manual, automatic two users choose the feeders should be based on the actual situation. Due to the high speed universal grinder, big load, and strong load volatility. Therefore, the current the grinder work when the general control about 85% of the rated current. Sluggish or clogged discharge pipe feed too fast, will the universal grinder vent blockage; transportation equipment mismatch will cause a material piping wind weakened or no wind blocked. Detects the failure Qingtong send port change does not match conveying equipment, Adjust the feeding amount, so that the normal operation of equipment. Hammer fragment, aging, mesh hole closed, broken, the crushed material moisture content is too high will cause the universal grinder clogging. Broken hammer and serious aging, should be updated regularly to keep the shredder in good working condition, and periodically check the mesh, pulverized material, moisture content should be less than 14%, thereby enhancing the production efficiency, and universal grinder blockage , and enhance the reliability of the pulverizer working.
  Above are more problems, the universal grinder encountered in the course of the solution are diverse, as the most reliable quality of a machine, we believe that enhance the day-to-day maintenance and operation in strict accordance with the instruction manual machines no problem.
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