Descriptions the boiling dryer industry development process
China boiling machine industry started late, the foundation is weak, but the development of faster drying. Industry, agriculture and the rapid development of science and technology led to the the boiling dryer equipment development, and better performance on the market, the boiling dryer plant mushroomed developed. Corporate high starting point, adhere to the scientific and technological development, and to play a role in promoting boiling the the dryer industry's development. Less investment, low-tech 'motley crew' but also, to a large number of low-quality, low-cost devices crowding the market, not only affects the overall image of boiling dryer equipment, but also caused the price of domestic boiling dryer equipment 'infighting' , a good product is not sold for a good price, a good product competition but NAO phenomenon. The low-tech products not make it into the big market, and the 'Operating shrinking profit margins' but also a lot of advantages in the market no advantage at all, so boiling the the dryer industry's overall competitiveness is difficult to get to play.
  Boiling dryer equipment products, content and production efficiency are not able to meet the needs of the market, and a considerable part of the boiling dryer equipment rely on foreign imports. The petrochemical industry annually consumes a the boiling dryer equipment import needs a lot of dollars. After joining the WTO, new challenges, new opportunities have attracted close attention to the boiling dryer industry. Currently, the boiling dryer equipment manufacturers and related scientific research units have been aware, take full advantage of high technology to transform traditional industries, using information technology to stimulate industrialization, is to raise the boiling dryer competitiveness. Broader emphasis on production to shift emphasis on technology development and marketing, and constantly open up new areas of the market, at the same time to make great efforts to develop their own unique, high-tech products, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
  China the boiling dryer industry also urgently produce large companies and enterprise groups with international competitiveness. China boiling the drying machine industry now owned enterprises of a certain size, the gap with the international giants in sales revenue, market share, R & D capabilities, management and sales levels multifaceted obvious. The face of fierce international competition after joining the WTO, boiling dryer industry through the listing, merger, combination, reorganization, formation of a number of independent intellectual property rights, prominent main business, strong core competitiveness of large companies and enterprise groups, enhanced enterprise groups competitiveness. With good policies and effective measures to promote the effective division of collaborative relationships formed between large enterprises and SMEs, to improve the overall operating efficiency of the dryer China boiling.
  Boiling dryer operation in the actual production of each production equipment process parameters to be re-set and modify, and can not guarantee the same products using the same production equipment and technology parameters, there are no retrospective. According to GMP, the device can store a certain amount of production process parameters to ensure the reproducibility and traceability of production, each user is set according to the number of varieties. The fluidized drying equipment generally requires the ability to store up to 50 kinds Production, while most of the domestic equipment can not do this. The proposed PLC control system, mechanical actuators improved and expanded function better. Enough memory to store a variety of production processes, and provide on-site printing parameters, data retention, data with the data of PC connectivity.
  Boiling dryer maintenance is an extremely important regular work, it should be in close coordination with extreme operating and overhaul, should have full-time staff on duty checks.
  1, the device should be installed on a level concrete foundation with anchor bolts.
  2, the installation should pay attention to vertical main body level.
  Boiling dryer installed check all parts are tightened bolts for loose and host Kurakado of any fastening.
  4, the power cord and control switch device power configuration.
  5, boiling dryer check is completed, the empty load test, trial run normal production can be carried out.
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