The microwave slotted mixer with the general tank of the mixer difference
The primary characteristics of the microwave channel mixer equipment
  1, the heating Agility
  Microwave heating and conventional heating methods are completely different. It is a trough the inclusions machine material to be heated itself into the body of a fever, without channel mixer to heat conduction process. Thus, although the channel-shaped inclusions machine is the poor thermal conductivity of the material, can also be reached within the extremely short efforts heating temperature.
  2, the heating average
  Whether the various parts of the object shape, microwave heating can make objects inside and outside the trough inclusions machine Ruo average saturated electric trough mixed with machine wave heat. So good heating average, does not render the scene outside the focus of endogenous.
  3, energy-efficient
  Substances containing moisture easily receive microwave and fever, so in addition to transmission loss of a small number of the trough inclusions machine, trough-shaped inclusions machine is simply no other losses. Therefore, thermal efficiency, energy saving. It is more than 1/3 of the energy than the infrared heating.
  4, mildew, sterilization, and preservation
  Microwave heating with thermal effects and biological effects, the temperature of the lower temperature trough mixed with machine sterilization and mildew. Heating speed, short work, can the maximum limit to the custody of vitamin activity and food materials, the original luster and nutrient composition. Slotted inclusions machine
  5, the process advanced
  Simply microwave power in moderation can be completed immediately heating and terminate. HMI and PLC trough inclusions machine heating process and the heating technology a standard programmable initiative moderation.
  Ping harmless
  Because microwave energy is to abstain from the task in the metal heated indoor and waveguide trough inclusions machine in the microwave vent channel mixer leakage small, there is no radiation risk and harmful gas emissions, no waste heat and dust pollution, neither contamination of food, not pollution.
  Trough mixer is mainly used for a different ratio will dry or wet powder was uniformly mixed in the laboratory, and does not produce a melting of the material during the mixing process, volatile or deterioration. Also applies to the chemical, food, small batch mixing different main and auxiliary materials and other industrial sectors, it does not apply to mixed semi-solid, liquid, or excessive viscosity materials.
  Channel mixer for the whole stand, the driveline operation flexibility, balance, mixing pulp and contact with the workpiece material are made of stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, can maintain the quality of mixed materials, so that does not pollute does not change color.
  Worm, worm directly drive transmission mechanism, no excessive noise, and there is enough oil storage capacity, good lubrication, and improve the life of the machine.
  The U-shaped trough pulp propeller shaft leaves promote material for complex flow, can achieve good mixing effect.
  Undergo a running test should be carried out prior to use of the channel mixer, rugged machine all couplings should be checked before commissioning, the amount of lubricating oil reducer and the integrity of the electrical equipment, and then closed the main power switch empty running test.
  Loading preferably submerged propeller shaft, feeding trough cover cover, and then drive to prevent the material shallow gutters, covered equipped with an endoscopic basket can be observed material agitation.
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