Universal grinder, mixer Groove, rock particles, machine maintenance, maintenance knowledge Daquan
Universal grinder use:
  A universal grinder for the entire packing, unpacking, moved to the appropriate location to place a smooth power, to trial.
  2, should be checked prior to use mechanical transmission parts loose and other irregularities, universal grinder running direction shall be consistent with the direction of the arrow.
  3, when used to load test for 1-2 minutes, to be seen no abnormal phenomenon before feeding, feed should be gradually increasing the amount of logistics, and observe the motor power consumption of power and functioning at any time, to be feeding the power balance in normal operation certainly die cutting gate work.
  4, the half-way as a result of material too moist knot stick too much, the impact of flour, drying materials should be or replace coarse sieve.
  5, replace the sieve just the front cover open can, install the front cover should pay attention to both sides of the hand wheel is elastic, to ensure that the front cover and the casing seal.
  6, the parking should be preceded by stop feeding, so universal grinder to run for 5-10 minutes and then stop. In order to reduce the residual materials.
  Universal grinder Cautions:
  1, check the crush cavity foreign body (before the boot must be empty), power.
  2 Tighten the roof and smash the cavity of the butterfly nut.
  , Start the motor, empty rotation for 1-2 minutes, then playing from the feed tray gradually feeding materials, the feed should not be too much too fast.
  4, in case of jammed materials, the motor does not turn, immediately turn off, to prevent motor burn, to be cleared by the card materials, you can continue to use.
  5, universal grinder during use is strictly prohibited open the cover and the hand inserted into the crush cavity.
  6, the universal grinder of dry mill, and should not be crushed wet material and oily matter.
  7, depending on the desired switch to a different screen.
  Maintenance and repair of Groove Mixer
  Often use the Groove Mixer reducer shall be every three months a new oil replacement should the reducer after cleaning with new oil.
  Groove Mixer parts regular monthly check 1-2 times, check the site for the worm, worm, bearings, oil seals, all working parts are flexible, fastener loosening, irregularities should be promptly dealt.
  During use, such as Groove Mixer vibration anomalies or makes unusual sounds, you should immediately stop check.
  Groove Mixer electrical control components shall be kept clean and sensitive, and found that the fault should be repaired in time.
  Stirrer assembly and disassembly when light demolition, stable equipment, light, and to avoid distortion damage.
  After use, the various parts of the residual materials should brush Jing Groove Mixer, disabled for a long time, must be Groove Mixer all wipe clean the parts coated with anti-rust oil, tarpaulin cover.
  Rock particles, machine maintenance instructions:
  Regularly check swing particles machine parts, conducted once a month, check the worm, worm, lubrication on the bolt, bearings and other activities segment is rotating flexible and wear, and found that the defects should be repaired in time, shall not be reluctant to use.
  2, rock particles, machines should be placed on a clean dry indoor use, and shall contain acids and other corrosive gases to the body circulation spaces in the atmosphere.
  Rotating drum, rock particles machine after use, or stop, should be removed for cleaning and brush remaining powder will clear bucket, and then installed and ready for the next use.
  Automatic granule packing machine Lubrication:
  1, the box part of the rock particles, equipped with a fuel gauge, before driving all the grease once halfway according to the bearing temperature rise and functioning of the addition.
  , Worm gear box must be long-term storage of oil, the oil surface height for the worm all invasive oil, such as the frequent use of every March, a new oil once a provincial judge bottom drain plug, you can put the oil.
  3, in the rock particles to refuel, do not make the oil overflow cup, not to flow to the rock particles around the machine and ground. Because the oil is easy to material contamination, affecting product quality.
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