To introduce vacuum dryer and mechanical classification
A vacuum dryer is a device by removing the air inside the packaging container reaches a predetermined degree of vacuum after the removal of the inner member of the container moisture. Dry when the tank is in a vacuum, heating jacket through hot water (or steam, thermal oil), with the low-speed rotation of the tank, the material in the water the tank constantly up and down, inside and outside the movement and absorption into the diamond-shaped trajectory "evaporation, continuous discharge of steam through the vacuum line, drying purposes. Built-in spray drying the mixture at the same time, according to customer requirements, filtration, crushing and other devices can achieve its multifunction operation.
  The vacuum dryer Department by the refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrumentation and control systems. The main components of the oven, condenser, refrigeration units, vacuum pumps, heating / cooling means. Its working principle is to be dried goods first frozen to below the triple point temperature, so that the articles of the solid-state water (ice) and then under vacuum to sublimate directly into steam, and excluded from the article, the article is dried. Material through the pre-treatment, fed into the quick-frozen positions frozen, dry container and then into the sublimation dehydration after post-processing workshop packaging. Vacuum sublimation drying compartment to establish a low-pressure conditions, the heating system to the materials provided to the latent heat of sublimation, refrigeration system to provide the required amount of cold to the cold trap and drying chamber.
  Drying equipment is a more extensive use of chemical machinery, dry mechanical vacuum dryer, rotary vacuum dryer, a class dedicated to the life and production of specialized dry chemical equipment machinery in order to meet the needs of the market and production. Vacuum dryer can be divided into the following categories according to the mechanical, the following details:
  Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer: double cone rotating vacuum dryer suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries concentrated powder, granular and fibrous materials, mixing, drying and require low temperature dry material (such as biochemical products, etc. ), is more suitable for the easily oxidized, volatile, the drying of heat-sensitive strong stimulus, toxic materials, and does not allow the destruction of the crystal material. Belt / chain two elastic coupling, and thus the equipment running smoothly. Specially designed craft, fully embodies the two axes of good concentricity, the HTM and vacuum systems are used reliable mechanical seal or rotary joint. The machine can be variable speed, but also thermostatic control. The heat transfer medium from the high temperature thermal oil, the temperature steam and low temperature hot water readily available. Drying viscous material in the tank for you specially designed "copy board structure.
  2. Vacuum rake dryer: vacuum rake dryer is a conduction heat transfer dryer. The material does not directly contact with the heating medium, suitable for drying a small amount, not high temperatures and are easily oxidized, pulpy, paste materials, the water content was 15% to 90%. Desiccator level harrow agitator blade is made from cast iron or steel, is mounted in the square shaft, left half of the blade direction, and the other half to the right. The rotational speed of the shaft for 7 ~ 8r/min, and it is the gearbox motor driven by the belt. While using the automatic steering apparatus, so that the direction of rotation of the shaft, once the rotating direction of the stirrer was changed at every 5 ~ 8min.
  3 Low belt type continuous vacuum dryer: low temperature with continuous vacuum dryer is successfully developed after repeated comparison of conventional spray drying and freeze-drying of the advantages and disadvantages of a new concept of energy-efficient dry-type equipment. In Chinese medicine, Western medicine, chemical industry, food, health care products and other products of the industry drying, spray drying is conducive to the cost of larger defects, but the product of solubility. Flavor and shape of the powder viscosity slightly higher and heat-sensitive the product is powerless. Conventional freeze-drying can be obtained the excellent solubility of the products and high quality products, but the yield is too low, and the cost is expensive.
  Indicators of the process of the low-temperature continuous vacuum dryer just between the two devices, which enables drying products formed inside the porous loose, and retain the original material nature of the product, the appearance of a good, low-temperature vacuum drying, it can be meet the processing requirements of a great part of the heat-sensitive materials. The low temperature continuous vacuum dryer broke through the technical problems of continuous access to material under vacuum, the successful dry static into dynamic drying. Substantial increase in the production of dry products while production costs declined. Low temperature continuous vacuum dryer is especially suitable for spray drying and vacuum oven difficult to solve the high-viscosity, high-fat, high-carbohydrate materials dry. Good and can maintain the stability and consistency of the product batch.
  4 plate vacuum dryer: plate vacuum dryer, also known as disc vacuum dryer, intermittent stirring conduction dryer, integrated series of advanced technologies, through continuous improvement and developed a multi-layer fixed hollow heated disk (also known as set out trays), turn rake mixing, drying device for vertical continuous conduction dominated.
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