Brief boiling dryer operating charter operator safety production
Objective: to establish boiling dryer safe operating procedures, correct operation of the fluid bed dryer, to prevent accidents from occurring.
  Scope: applicable operation Teng dryer.
  Responsibility: Production Management, ingredients squad leader, operations workers.
  Fourth, the program:
  1 Check boiling dryer each part is intact, and press the boiling dryer disinfection procedures for disinfection. Operation of the equipment, hands, feet, and objects may not reach into the cone barrel, to prevent accidents. The upper sampling required parking, as found in hard foreign matter into the machine, should stop in time, discharged after the car.
  2 Check the air compressor is lubricating the boiling dryer, and whether there is a cooling water in the gas tank, if any, is drained.
  3 bags and other components installed power-check automatic, manual switch is flexible, and set of related data.
  4 the preparation of a good wet granules timely progress in the fluid bed dryer, open boiling dryer for drying and strict control each drying wet particles in an amount of not more than 100 kilograms, control the temperature and time of drying.
  5 drying process window Keep the particle dry conditions, and to control dry the whole process according to the technical rules.
  6 drying is completed, Close boiling dryer power, pour the material in the dryer.
  7 machine bearings and gear life is generally 2-3 years. Cycloid reducer lubrication need to regularly check the oil level, the normal 1/2-2/3 at the oil level, the new device should be in full operation 50 hours after the oil change time. Boiling dryer cleaning program to improve equipment health.
  8 per class Check the oil once the lack of oil supplemented with in a timely manner. Main gearbox, distribution boxes, drive the first part of the gear oil, grease required six months to check again. As the case of additional or replacement gear oil, grease. The spiral shaft bottom bearing after 500 hours of operation washable (new machine washable after 100 hours of operation time), dismantle parts, such as damaged should be replaced. Should strictly check the bearing grease. Boiling dryer maintenance of good equipment maintenance program.
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