The vacuum dryer trends and operation points
   Vacuum dryer shell by steel plate stamping fold system, welding molding shell surface using high-intensity electrostatic spray coating processing, the film is smooth and firm. Studio welded carbon steel plate or stainless steel plate folding system, between the studio and the shell filled with cotton insulation. Shelf inside the studio put a test product, used to place a variety of test items, the studio around the outer wall equipped with a mica heater. Door seals with silicone rubber seal on the door has available endoscopic observation. The evacuation of the electric vacuum dryer with inflated by a solenoid valve control on the front panel of the electrical box in the left side of the box or the lower part of the electrical box equipped with a vacuum gauge, temperature control instrumentation and control switch electrical box equipped with electrical components.
  Vacuum dryer work indoors can maintain a certain degree of vacuum and intelligent digital temperature regulator set temperature display and control. The temperature regulator uses computer technology to work indoor temperature signal acquisition, processing, the working indoor temperature can maintain constant temperature automatically. The temperature control system is a PID intelligent temperature control, reliable performance, and easy to use.
  Material into the vacuum dryer vacuum in order to take away the workpiece material can take away the gas composition. If the workpiece is first heated, the gas will expand when heated. Very good sealability of the vacuum box, the expansion gas generated tremendous pressure may the observation window Tempered burst. This is a potential danger. The first vacuum and then heat up the heating operation of the program, you can avoid this danger.
  Pulls out the vacuum the procedure if the first-warming heating, heating air vacuum pump unhorse when heat is bound to be taken to the vacuum pump up, leading to the vacuum pump temperature is too high, the vacuum pump efficiency may decline.
  The heated gas is directed to the vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum pressure gauge will produce a temperature rise. If the temperature rise of more than a vacuum pressure gauge under the temperature range, we can make the vacuum pressure gauge showing error.
  The correct way to use should be evacuated and then heated up. To be found in the rated temperature vacuum degree decline then the appropriate plus pumping. Doing so is advantageous to extend the service life of the equipment.
  The Vacuum Dryer industry has a wide range of applications in modern production over the course of, on the whole, he has three major trends:
  Vacuum drying with low drying temperature, dry indoor relative hypoxia can avoid fat oxidation, pigment browning a series of advantages, suitable for drying of heat-sensitive food material, in addition to equipment costs, drying costs are relatively low, the vacuum drying has an important role in food drying midpoint
  Vacuum drying with microwave heating technology or other drying methods combined, there are a lot of new vacuum drying device, giving new meaning to vacuum drying and vitality
  3. Vacuum microwave drying absorption of microwave heating and vacuum drying the advantages of both, is a promising drying technique is recommended China to accelerate research and development of vacuum microwave drying device.
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