The technical characteristics of the production advantages of the vacuum dryer
Drying equipment is a more extensive use of chemical machinery, dry mechanical vacuum dryer, rotary vacuum dryer, a class dedicated to the life and production of specialized dry chemical equipment machinery in order to meet the needs of the market and production.
  A vacuum dryer is a device by removing the air inside the packaging container reaches a predetermined degree of vacuum after the removal of the inner member of the container moisture. Dry when the tank is in a vacuum, heating jacket through hot water (or steam, thermal oil), with the low-speed rotation of the tank, the material in the water the tank constantly up and down, inside and outside the movement and absorption into the diamond-shaped trajectory "evaporation, continuous discharge of steam through the vacuum line, drying purposes. Built-in spray drying the mixture at the same time, according to customer requirements, filtration, crushing and other devices can achieve its multifunction operation.
  Vacuum dryer technical characteristics:
  1. Under vacuum condition to achieve continuous feed and discharge, the feed amount may be freely set.
  2. The heating system can be steam, hot water and electric heating transfer oil heating, and other forms.
  3. The drying temperature was arbitrarily adjusted from 25 ° C to -80 ° C, 20 minutes to 60 minutes after the start continuous discharge until the batch completion.
  4. Crawler using Teflon material, smooth running, reliable, uniform heating area. The crawler speed can be adjusted at the number of layers 2-5 layers can be determined based on the user's production requirements.
  5. Using a variety of fabrics device can be adapted to the drying of various materials such as liquid extract, powder and granular.
  6. With automatic crushing system under vacuum conditions, the dry particulate mesh arbitrary choice according to the user's requirements.
  7. Equipped with CIP cleaning-in-place system, automatic cleaning fast and easy.
  8. Selection of high quality vacuum unit and carefully designed combination with continuous high-capacity pumping speed and the stability of the vacuum degree.
  9. Low energy consumption, no waste, and low noise.
  10. Full compliance with GMP certification requirements.
  The advantages of the vacuum drier:
  1, a full set of process automation, pipeline, continuous, and procedures.
  2, in the state of low-temperature vacuum drying process, heat sensitive materials invariance, no Ranjun opportunities.
  3, suitable for a variety of difficult materials dry.
  4 adjustable material dryness (moisture content).
  5, the energy consumption is only one-third of the equivalent yield centrifugal sprayer.
  PLC touch screen operation control and has continuous protection device.
  7, vacuum dryer design is reasonable, compact structure, easy installation, adapt to the conditions of the majority of workers placement
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