By analyzing the type mixing structure, principle, and use to help the a reasonable customer purchase models.
Tank mixer uses and characteristics of
  The type mixing beautiful appearance, suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemicals, dyes, pesticides, metallurgy, ceramics and other industries powder or granular material agitation and evenly mixed, and materials dissolved in the mixing process , volatile or deterioration.
  The Groove mixed body made of stainless steel tank, inside and outside polished, easy to clean. Mixing spiral rotation, two turn toward the center to the materials, the outer layer of the propeller to the both sides, two-way spiral mixing blade and both propeller combination, so that the material continues to operate within the tank, the mixing process overall seal without leakage.
  Tank mixer constructed
  1, stirring speed reducer: the reducer series type mixing of the main transmission mechanism is located on the right side, bring the drive cochlear fight, worm gear work through the chain from the base of the motor speed to 1:51 than driven stirring shaft, the stirring shaft end sealing means necessary when disassembled back cap cleaning.
  2, mixing tank: slot made of stainless steel, built-in stirring paddle, recumbent stirring deceleration pouring reducer.
  Pouring reducer: pouring reducer to control the orientation angle of the mixing tank, located on the left side of the machine, working from the base of the motor through a chain belt drive worm, worm wheel driven mixing tank to rotate in a certain expense range make the material once poured.
  Tank mixer using the instructions and precautions
  1, prior to the use of the groove mixer should undergo a running test, commissioning observed in various parts device is functioning properly, whether there are special noise reducer temperature is increased, as normal, to get ready for production.
  2, the dissolution of mixing pulp: removable stirring, remove both ends of the first and tighten the nut, then pulled out a smooth stirring slurry. The stirring paddle assembly and disassembly should pay attention to the smooth, shall not be a hard knock chaos pry avoid clinching deformation.
  Groove Mixer operation if required shovel scraping groove wall material, you should use the tool, do not hand, so as to avoid accidents at work.
  Groove Mixer vibration abnormal or unusual strange sound use if found, should be immediately stopped to check.
  5, the use of the load is not too large, in order to stir the motor operating current of 6.8 amperes normal.
  Tank mixer maintenance instructions
  Regularly check type mixing parts, 1 or 2 times a month, check the worm gear, worm gear, bearing, shaft seal and other activities part is working properly, found defects should be repaired in time.
  2, time after use or lockout, remove surplus materials, clear materials remain in various parts disable such a long time, the machine must be all wipe clean parts of glossy coated with anti-rust oil, with good cloth Punta cover.
  3, mechanical lubrication
  Reducer lubrication oil-immersed, 30 # oil before driving to be injected in the left and right gearbox oil for half of the oil standard pour material supporting the oil cup lubrication, once per shift. Once every six months to get a new oil to keep the oil clean.
  Tank mixer installation instructions
  Groove Mixer for the entire packing, unpacking, placed at appropriate locations, pad level to use better foot bolted.
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