The advantage of rock particles created tremendous applications in the field of medicine, food, major
   Rock particles machine humidity suitable powdery mixture into the hopper, the reciprocating rocking by the cutter wheel, the material is extruded from sieve and pelletized. Massive impact crusher, the material in the drum through a screen made of particles and forces. Particles machine can be made of the mixed powder was purified particles and lumps of dry material, can also be pulverized into a desired particle. Suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, research institutes, laboratories, hospitals, health care products factory small batch production. The rock particles machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, producing a variety of forming particles. Wet powder materials can be extruded granular, also will dry and broken into a granular bulk materials, and rapid whole.
  The rock particles machine is a rotating cylinder swing role, through the screen, you can wet powder materials research into particle, can also be widely used as crushing pressure of the pieces, and be ready with the particles. Granulation site, contact materials, all the appearance of parts made of stainless steel, meet the GMP standard.
  Rock particles machine as a mixed powder in chemicals research into particles after drying for compressed tablets, can crush during storage and cemented blocks or chemical process to form a block of the block sub. Used in the food industry as a treatment candy and a mixture of and malt milk products. In other industries, such as ceramic, plastic or the like mixture into shaped particles. Products require, choose the screen, you can produce a variety of particles. How much mesh sieve mesh, should be based on the requirements of the particle size, owned by the user. It is not suitable for the use of solid, liquid, slurry, or grinding.
  Bodies made of rock particles
  1, swing the particle machine body for an independent cuboid composed by bearing frame, gearbox, frame Big Three. Feeding Hopper connection with the bearing frame, stretch the machine, the front of the chassis design for extended, wide and smooth the ground, and therefore do not need to install, and can be positioned anywhere indoor use.
  2, swing granular machine particle manufacturing device: rotating drum decumbence device below the hopper, front and rear bearing support, rack gear for forward and reverse rotation. The front end face bearing activities, assembly and disassembly, unscrew the three screws, the front bearing and rotating drum may turn out. The symmetric convex coupling ends of the rotating drum section, down from Shun limit, easy assembly and disassembly.
  Swing granular machine screen pinch: both sides of the device in the rotating drum with a steel pipe manufacturing, the middle to open a long groove, both ends of the mesh embedded tank, turn the hand wheel will mesh package in the outer circumference of the rotary drum on, the hand wheel gear stab wheels shore, you can adjust the tightness.
  4, rock particles gearbox: worm gear speed ratio of 1:30, the box can be stored machine is no gear lever, gear and worm gear to pay a well-oiled and no noise, the outer end of the worm gear, equipped with eccentric rod driven teeth The rod for reciprocating motion, the gear shaft meshing with the gear lever for inverted rotary motion.
  5, the machine sitting motor: the motor mounting plate with the base hinge connection, the other end with the nut hingedly adjustment screw, when the rotating machine Block overhand wheel rotation, the nut is driven by the motor under the board, and to adjust the V-belt tightness.
  , Rock particles simple structure, stable operation, good seal, easy to operate and beautiful shape.
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