Vacuum dryer running principle and maintenance of common sense
   The vacuum dryer conductive heat transfer dryer. The material does not directly contact with the heating medium, the practical drying a small amount, not high temperatures and are easily oxidized, pulpy, paste materials, the water content was 15% to 90%. Dryer capacity harrow agitator blade is made from cast iron or steel, is mounted in the square shaft, 50% of the blade target left, another 50% to the right. The rotational speed of the shaft for 7 ~ 8r/min, and it is by the belt motor sensitive member of the gearbox. And active steering assembly, so that the axis of rotation of the target, the target stirrer rotation once every 5 ~ 8min change. Vacuum Dryer layout is simple and convenient to operate, and the use of a long cycle, function unchanged reliable, steam consumption, the vacuum drier utility function is strong, good product quality, particularly useful in not high temperature, flammable, thermostat easily oxidized drying pasty materials.
  The dried material from the casing central Founder join continuously forward and reverse rotation of the rake teeth with stirring, the material axis traditionally back move, the outer contact with the housing wall continuously updated, indirectly heated by steam, the rake teeth uniformly stirred Stick destruction, destruction, and make the material more favorable appearance of water discharge moisture on the gasification of dry scrubbers, wet scrubber, condenser, venting vacuum dryer at the exit from the vacuum pump.
  Operation, the first starting with a stirrer, and joining was dried material, and the feed port is closed. And pass into the steam heating, the heating steam pressure is usually 0.2 to 0.4Mpa (gauge pressure). Withdrawn using a vacuum pump the water vapor and non-condensable gas, typically dry materials, the degree of vacuum of about 700mmHg. This dryer evaporation intensity, with the material properties, humidity, different heating steam pressure and vacuum degree is not no different. For example, a vacuum degree of 700mmHg, heating the vapor pressure of 0.2 MPa (gauge pressure), the potato starch from the initial moisture of 40% dry to 20%, the dryer evaporation intensity of 5 to of 7kg/m2? H.
  Lower than the labor intensity of the box-type dryer, vacuum dryer operation can be to accepting physical guessed moisture, the operating premise is convenient management. The inadequacies of low production capacity of more complex equipment layout, agitator blades fragile. This dryer is used more often in the dye and pharmaceutical industry. For example, dry restored stained guess the central body, silicone sealant, anthraquinone sulfonic acid vat olive green R the salicylic central body Capulong polymeric materials such as diaminoanthraquinone dry.
  The vacuum dryer maintenance of common sense:
  A vacuum dryer shell must be effectively grounded to ensure safe usage.
  2. Vacuum dryer should be relative humidity ≤ 85% RH, no corrosion vacuum dryer gas around strong vibration source and the existence of a strong electromagnetic field environment.
  Vacuum dryer studio explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and other processing shall not put inflammable, explosive, corrosive gas items vacuum dryer machine.
  4. Vacuum pump can not be a long period of time to work, so when the vacuum degree of vacuum dryer machine items requirements should close the vacuum valve, and then turn off the vacuum pump power until the vacuum is less than the vacuum dryer machine items requirements, and then open the vacuum valve and The vacuum pump power, continue to vacuum, so that the extendable vacuum pump life.
  5 the vacuum dryer items such as wet best to add a filter between the vacuum tank and vacuum pump to prevent wet gas into the vacuum caused by a vacuum pump failure.
  6. Vacuum dryer items such as vacuum dryer machine changed to light weight, small size (small granular), plus deadening net vacuum port should work indoors, to prevent inhalation of vacuum dryer machine was damaged vacuum pump (or solenoid valve).
  The 7. Vacuum dryer after repeated use, will produce the phenomenon can not be evacuated, door seals should be replaced or adjust the cabinet door buckle Reach. Vacuum tank vacuum dryer temperature higher than 200 ° C, will produce a slow leak phenomenon (except 6050,6050 B, 6051,6053 outside), then disassemble the the cabinet vacuum dryer machine behind cover with hex wrench loose heater base to swap seals or tighten the heater base.
  Bleed valve rubber stopper if the rotary difficult, including generous amount of grease lubrication. (Such as Vaseline)
  In addition to maintenance, can not disassemble the left side of the box cover (except for 6090 and 6210-type) in order to avoid damage to the electrical control system.
  10. Vacuum dryer should be kept clean. The door glass avoid using chemical solution reaction wipe, the application of a soft cotton cloth.
  11. Vacuum dryer is not being used for a long period, will wipe exposed plating parts painted with neutral grease to prevent corrosion, and wear a plastic the film dust cover, placed in a vacuum dryer indoor to avoid the electrical components from moisture damage, affect the use.
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