The prospects for the development of the universal grinder, universal grinder vibration Failure Analysis
The crushing energy use efficiency and its rate is applied very close relationship. Because the maximum load causes pulverized, there is usually a lag time between. Therefore, under the premise of holding the full role time, a smaller force will cause the pulverized particles. The application of energy appears pulverized interval is a function of the rate of energy application. Applying the faster the rate, the lower the energy use efficiency. It is easy to infer that provide nothing more than the pulverizer energy consumption in each of the following aspects:
  (1) is consumed in the pre-crushing the particles themselves on the elastic deformation;
  (2) generates a non-elastic deformation resulting pulverized;
  (3) the grinder itself elastically Distortion;
  (4) to overcome the frictional resistance between the particles and between the particles and the parts;
  (5) generates a noise, heat, and mechanical vibrations in the pulverization;
  (6) the shredder itself operation part of the friction loss.
  According to the analysis estimates, only about consumes about 10% of the power is effectively utilized for the grinding of the rationalization of the process energy utilization is RESEARCH The purpose of the mechanism of the charge and comminution process.
  7 reasons summarize universal grinder vibration
  In rural areas, it is common to universal grinder to hammer through maintenance and initial installation in the commissioning body strong vibration. Leimai machinery summarize this happens the following seven reasons:
  (1) repair the assembly hammer installation error. The hammer change the face of the U-turn, in order to prevent the rotor weight loss of balance, The universal grinder hammer must together change face U-turn, otherwise running strong vibration.
  (2) corresponding to the two hammer weight difference of more than 5 g. The exclusion of the method is to adjust the weight of the hammer, so that the difference between the weights of the corresponding two groups is less than 5 g.
  (3) individual hammer card tightly run, do not throw off. Observation can stop turned by hand, think of ways to make the hammer rotation flexibility.
  (4) other parts of the rotor weight imbalance, then need to carefully examine and adjust the balance.
  (5) Spindle bending deformation. The solution is straightening or replacement.
  (6) The bearing clearance limits are exceeded or damaged. Generally used to replace the new bearings in order to solve the problem.
  (7) the bottom corner fixing nut fixed tight or running loose. The solution is tightened.
  Throughout the development of a general view of the 2012 universal grinder, to improve universal grinder energy utilization, and lower product granularity, material finer crushing effect grinder industry has been the pursuit of. Currently, however, even the ultrafine pulverizer still certain limitations in the mechanical treatment process, it can only for some of the hardness is small, relatively dry material nature processing preferably, greater hardness, higher viscosity material crushing effect is not very mature, mainly in the granular enough products enough uniform, in order to expand the field of application of the device also requires a difficult journey. Many crushing experts believe that the direction of development of the material universal grinder should be to reduce the extrusion pressure to improve the roll-speed, multi-stage grinding and closed circuit grader completely grinding operations. Therefore, the study and application of a new type of ultra-fine grinder shredder production trends towards energy saving.
  In summary, universal grinder industry in manufacturing technology and process level is still the world's advanced level there are some differences, for a domestic shredder industry enterprises, continuous efforts and explore still is the main task for the smash the development of the machinery industry in China to strive for better hardware facilities.
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