The universal grinder operator precautions and steps
   Universal grinder is one of the feed mill feed preparation universal grinder, universal grinder operation reliability directly affect the normal operation of the production efficiency and the subsequent steps.
  When the material inlet into the universal grinder immediately cast materials for high-speed rotation of the hammer (tooth slice), breaking hit a broken circuit board when the material in the crusher in several attacks and the continuous hole size is small, the next screen by screen hole, into the interior of the fan blades rotate, resulting in negative pressure will be sucked out of the material blown by the fan blade designated settlement grinder
  Universal grinder with three times the activities in the spindle gear plate, above the grinding chamber and fixed-gear fixed, fixed-gear sets of double ring toothed ring gear. Activities Activities chainring chainring and the fixed ring gear intertwined. When high spindle speeds, activities chainring run, and material thrown into the gap between the head. Mutual influence, or materials in the material and the teeth shear, the combined effect of friction, was crushed. Finished grinding chamber sieve into the capture bag the coarse materials continue to pieces. Raw materials can be used for grinding degree adjustment. Screen, the machine structure is simple, durable, easy to use and maintain, high output, and smooth operation.
  The universal shredder steps as follows:
  , Out of the box carefully check universal grinder has been damaged in shipment, then the machine and auxiliary electrical control device in place, and then turned on the main and auxiliary tube road each pipe outlet flange assembly have to use the seal to an imposing the anchor 609 "liquid sealant, to ensure the tightness of the pipeline, while the stand-alone and pipeline flange with a grounding wire to pick up, and grounded to prevent static spark caused by dust explosions.
  2, before the the universal grinder trial operation, feeding universal grinder operator should stand on one side of the charging port, clothes sleeves should be fastened to wear masks and caps. Pay attention to grain stone sickle? Tool screws and other hard objects to avoid damaging the universal grinder and cause personal injury.
  3, according to the following sequence starting steady motor, close the damper starts shredders -> filter -> grading device -> screw feeder -> open damper -> closed the wind is.
  4, the empty run five minutes after, the operator should carefully observe the various instruments of control cabinet, to be no-load current stability before feeding. Feeding, do not allow the current exceeds the rated 32.6A, otherwise it should be reduced Beng amount, to ensure the normal operation of electric discharge timing.
  5, may order downtime spiral feeder -> run five minutes with parked crushed host, precipitators, grading -> closed wind.
  CVT handle to manipulate the classifier can change the speed of the classifier wheel to adjust products well. Such as the requirement of fine grain size, can improve the speed, contrary to reduce speed, larger size particles.
  7, after starting, pending grinder when the normal operation is reached,? Allowed uniform continuous feed crops.
  8, the job should pay attention to the speed of the motor, thresher universal grinder,? Voice and bearing temperature.
  The universal grinder dynamic change not allowed to hang belts, oiling, cleaning up and troubleshooting.
  10, the following questions should turn off the engine, stop processing ① motor smoke, ② blocked, ③ crushed poor quality ④ bearing overheating, over 60 degrees.
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