Analysis blockage universal grinder, bearing overheating problems and solutions
Universal grinder is one of the feed mill take feed mainly universal grinder, universal grinder operation reliability of direct production efficiency and the subsequent steps of normal operation, maintenance and manipulation of staff learn to analyze and deal with the common system of universal grinder be excluded fault, and in the short term, to resume production as soon as possible, is was not important. The universal grinder system including universal grinder motor. The corresponding failure can be divided into mechanical failure and electrical failure. The following universal grinder clogging, the bearing overheating problems detailed analysis.
  The universal grinder blockage is one of the common faults in the use of universal grinder, there may be problems exist in the equipment design, but more is caused by improper use operating.
  1. Material feed speed too fast, the load increases, causing blockage. Feeding process, it is necessary to pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection angle, if you exceed the rated current that motor overload, overload for a long time, will burn out the motor. Appeared this situation should immediately reduce or close the loading door can also change the way you feed, or by increasing the feeder to control feed rate. Feeder manual, automatic two users choose the feeders should be based on the actual situation. Due to the high speed universal grinder, big load, and strong load volatility. Therefore, the current universal grinder work generally control about 85% of the rated current.
  To prevent blocking materials, we use direct instructions by the sound and light indicator pouring. Universal grinder, heavy duty conveyor running current lower chamber materials how much good correlation, and each lower chamber caused more than the universal grinder jump stop, according to the current characteristics of the plate conveyor. Developed a solution, that is, universal grinder pour spout to install an electric bell and alarm flashing lights, directly connected to the electrical cabinet relay, the relay when the belt conveyor to a set current value , warning lights start flashing, bells ringing. Downstream universal grinder jump stop, belt conveyor current is zero, the sound and light alarm prompted. Universal grinder operator after receiving the alarm will stop pouring, so as to prevent the blocking material.
  2. The discharge piping poor or clogged feed too fast, make universal grinder outlet clogging; improper wind will cause the discharge pipe blocked diminished or no wind and conveying universal grinder match. Qingtong send port change does not match conveying universal grinder Adjust the feeding amount detects the failure, normal operation of the universal grinder.
  Universal grinder hammer fragment, aging, mesh hole closed, broken, the crushed material moisture content is too high will cause the universal grinder clogging. Broken hammer and serious aging, should be updated regularly to maintain universal grinder in good working condition, and periodically check the screen the crushed material moisture content should be below 14%, thereby enhancing productivity, and so universal grinder not congestion, enhance the reliability of the universal grinder work.
  Bearing overheating
  The bearings are the most important accessories of the universal grinder, its performance directly affects the normal operation of equipment and production efficiency. Metal grinder during operation, pay special attention to the remainder of the warming of its bearing and bearing parts of the noise, abnormal early.
  1 two bearing universal grinder rugged, or rotor shredder rotor heart. This scenario would be bearing the impact of the additional load, causing the bearing to overheat. At this point, we should immediately stop troubleshooting to avoid damage to the bearings early.
  Universal grinder bearing oil too much, too little, or aging. In this case, the requirements needed in accordance with the instructions for use time quantitative filling oil generally accounts for 70% -80% of the bearing space lubrication, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer and its life extended .
  3, the bearing and shaft universal grinder with tight or too loose. Once this occurs, the device operation, we will send the friction audible and obvious swing. Should be shut down to remove the bearing. Trimming friction parts then reassembled required.
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