What is universal grinder?Details universal grinder operation.
Universal grinder food, chemical, pharmaceutical and processing plants are commonly used generic smash universal grinder, power range from 1.5KW-11KW, voltage use of 380V, 220V public electricity only 130 and 180 models. Iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, with the continuous improvement of the level of industrialization and application fields of industry standards, increasing material requirements, now the most common crushing universal grinder suitable for various industries are mostly made of 304 stainless steel. to try to meet the needs of the overwhelming majority of users.
  Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Sichuan and other provinces in the country, there were many universal grinder manufacturers, most as iron, carbon steel to produce the whole appearance is not beautiful, rough grinding chamber, easy to rust, not good clean-up, major castings roughing made, machine precision is not high, cause machine vibration noise, the advantages of low cost, less simple process, production capacity, the price is low. Shandong, Jiangsu quite some shredders manufacturers in most cases, is a 201 stainless steel production and processing, appearance, precision iron is undoubtedly on a new level, however, most of the manufacturers because disorderly and chaotic market competition create, not from the production process, brand, product promotion, new product development efforts, only know that needlessly price war caused by the fragmented nature of ways to passively cost savings, eventually leading to the decline in product quality, destruction of the stainless steel universal smash the image of the machine.
  Universal grinder suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, crushing brittle materials dry. Low softening point and viscosity of the material should not be optional universal grinder.
  Universal grinder with crushed material contact parts are all made of stainless steel, good corrosion resistance. Rack all around closed, easy to clean, the the cabinet inner wall after all processing to reach the surface is flat, smooth, pharmaceutical, food, chemical production more in line with the national standard "GMP". Universal grinder for the exclusive domestic production.
  , The universal grinder spindle is equipped with three laps activities chainring the crushing chamber lid is fitted with a fixed gear, fixed-gear tops the two laps strip teeth fixed ring gear. Activities activities chainring chainring with fixed ring gear staggered each other. When high spindle speeds, activities c'rings also operate simultaneously, the material thrown into the gap between the garniture head. Under the combined effect of the mutual impact between materials with teeth or materials, shear, friction, get crushed. Finished after mesh screen into the trap bag, coarse material discharged by the crushing chamber continued to smash. Available material crushing degree screen adjustment. Universal grinder, rugged use and easy maintenance, high yield, and smooth operation. Grinder suitable for crushing and drying a brittle material; NA pulverizing a low softening point, the viscosity of the material.
  Universal grinder operating points
  1 pre-production
  Check whether universal grinder hanging clean certificate, subject to universal grinder is in the normal state, picked this card, hang up the running state signs.
  Operating personnel required to wear work clothing and safety masks.
  Inspection indoor universal grinder, materials and auxiliary tools and instruments have been positioning placed.
  Check the distribution box tops, the grinder countertops, and the surrounding space debris piled up, clear non-work related items.
  2 run before checking
  Operation, check the universal grinder is complete and accurate assembly of the various parts of the supply hopper and host cavity iron filings and other debris, if any, to be removed.
  Check the host belt tightness is normal belt guard is solid; check rack host Kurakado lock the screws, motor feet fasteners are secure.
  Check set Liaodai installation is correct, firmly.
  Rotating the spindle by hand to observe spindle activity is flexible, unimpeded, there is obviously catching phenomenon, the reasons should be identified, clear of obstructions.
  Move together to control the distribution box power switch.
  Jog starter host, confirm motor rotation direction is consistent with the direction of the arrow.
  Note: The universal grinder does not have a separate jog control button, start button and stop button operation is completed by the panel; namely pressing the start button, the motor rotation after the start, immediately press the stop button to stop the motor. inertia reason to observe the direction of rotation of the motor before the motor reaches a stationary state.
  Jog start vacuuming motor, confirm motor rotation direction is consistent with the direction of the arrow.
  Operation preparation and the universal grinder running before Verify correct, it is ready to start running operation.
  3 run operation
  Pressing the dust removal unit start button, dust removal machine start running.
  Be fan run smoothly after pressing crushed host the start button, the host running start.
  The above motor starters, no-load operation for about 2 minutes, observe the host, stable no-load operation of the vacuum fan before feeding.
  The material to be crushed (maximum feed size 8-12mm) piled up, adjust the feed gate size, relying on the machine itself vibration, quantitative set speed so that the material sent to the grinding chamber hopper.
  Main motor load should be controlled within the rating (universal grinder Main motor rated power 5.5KW), depending on material properties, crushed the fineness and cutting speed appropriate to adjust for material feed rate, to avoid stuffy car accident to ensure that the host work under the rated working state.
  Maintain the proper feed amount of feed;
  Crushed positions shear cutter and the fixed ring gear wear
  Finished by grinding chamber sifted through the sieve adjustment;
  The finished collector channel is smooth;
  Qualified material pulverized by the pulverizing chamber, through the spout into the PACK drums, the operator may be installed in the panel of the collector hopper observation window of observation of the collection of products case, when the collection of the pulverized product is greater than the drum 2 / 3:00, should be replaced with a set of drums or cleanup the set drums qualified powder.
  The operation to replace the set of drums in the stop state.
  4 stop operation
  After the end of the grinding work, shut down operations in the following order:
  Close feed adjustable gate, stopping to feed compartment is crushed.
  Stop feeding the machine continues to run for about 2 minutes, as the set of drums powder into the host, press the stop button, the host stops running.
  Until the host completely stopped, pressing the vacuum fan stop button, the fan stops running.
  Universal grinder has a baghouse can the appropriate shake vibrator vibration bag each class of bag to clean up, wash bag cleaning procedures should be such as replacement of species.
  After the operation clean universal grinder cleaning procedures.
  Safe operation and Notes
  The universal grinder operator transmission parts in contact with universal grinder runtime prohibited.
  Do not use water spray cleaning of universal grinder.
  Place equipped with oil cup, before driving should be injected into the appropriate grease and check whether there is enough grease to the rotating part.
  Regular checks of the blade, collar, chainring wear, the wear causes particle size thicker, if badly worn timely reporting.
  Shredder maximum feed size of 8-12 mm.
  Material crushing must be checked before allowed metal debris into the grinding chamber
  Preparation without the operation must not blindly boot and before running the project check run.
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