Universal grinder types and boiling the principle of operation of the dryer
Universal grinder is one of the main equipment for feed mill feed preparation, purchase, depending on the number of job entry date first selected models, again based on the quality of the manufacturing, sales price, spare parts availability selected specific products. Selection first visual inspection, final inspection accessories, manuals, certificates are complete.
  The universal grinder types generally have the following:
  1 roller universal mill
  A relative to the rotation of the cylinder grinding roller to sawing, grinding feed machinery, high productivity, low power, easy to adjust, etc., and more for the wheat milling industry. In the feed processing industry, it is generally used for secondary crushing operations process.
  2, hammer feed universal grinder
  A high-speed rotation of the hammer to crush the feed machinery. It has the structure is simple, versatile, high productivity and use of security features, common-9F-45, 9FQ a 50 the type and 9FQ a 50B type.
  3, tooth claw feed universal grinder
  Is a high-speed rotation of the tooth mechanical claw to crush the feed has the advantages of small size, light weight, fine grain size of the product, the operating speed. Common the FFC a l5-type, FFC Type 23 and FFC-45-.
  4 winnowing universal grinder
  A small Chinese herbal universal grinder, light and heavy, soft, brittle, tough, casual, the hard fibrous materials and the processing of proprietary Chinese medicine compound herbs adaptability.
  Shale, gangue two-stage no grate bottom splintered machine
  Wet material crushing machine with waste rock, cinder brick factory with added material within the fuel; with waste rock, shale production standard bricks, hollow brick is in line with national policy, major initiatives for the benefit of society. But these materials are crushed, especially the wet material crushed problem has always been a problem plagued the the brickyard normal production. The machine is equivalent to two hammer breaking into one, as a whole, a reasonable combination of two sets of rotor series use.
  Boiling operation of the dryer: material delivered to skip the fluidized bed, in the top of the cylinder under seal through the seal and the fluidized bed. Then, the air in the cited fan powered under purification by filtration device, radiator heating, then the distribution of air distribution plate into the fluidized bed. The boiling state is formed within the material in the hopper of air and stirring gas in a large area, solid two-phase contact, the material inside the evaporation of moisture within a shorter time and with the exhaust air away, the material to be dried.
  Due to the uniform temperature distribution within the fluidized bed, can avoid any local overheating of the product, it is especially suitable for in certain thermal drying materials; continuous operation, can also be the intermittent operation can be performed in the same equipment; effect good heat transfer, the bed layer temperature is relatively uniform, has a high coefficient of thermal capacity, production capacity; residence time of the material in the dryer can be adjusted according to the needs of the product moisture content stable; independent electrical cabinet and PLC man-machine interactive operation control, integrated all drying parameters set, safe and convenient operation; drying device mechanical transmission components, boiling the dryer equipment investment cost, less maintenance workload.
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