Analysis of structural features and product advantages boiling dryer
Boiling dryer are formed using the heating of the air through the heat exchanger, hot air distribution by the valve plate into the host, the wet material from the feeder into the dryer, because of the role of wind pressure, the material formed in the dryer with a boiling state, and with the hot air extensive contact drying materials to be completed in a relatively short time. Boiling drying mechanism of drugs, chemicals, food and other industries powdery, granular materials.
  Powder Granulating, improve mobility, reduce dust; through the the powder granulation improve its solubility; mixing, granulation, drying step granulation in a machine.
  Boiling dryer equipment advantage
  (1) boiling dryer classification device is a speed adjustable rotating means, while flashed classification device is actually just a grading ring, although the spin flash dryer has been improved, but staging capability still not as good as ultra-boiling dryer.
  (2) boiling dryer with the use of a control valve regulating the heated air through a heat exchanger, the role of wind pressure instantaneous drying materials, multilayer filter at the same time, efficient, safe and reliable quality
  (3) boiling dryer uses a unique silencer device, reduce the production of noise, environmental science and to the production origin looking for convenience.
  Formally, the boiling dryer is an air convection drying equipment, the conduction drying equipment, energy consumption you sure you want to some, but if some measures are taken, you can reach a good energy saving effect.
  Boiling the performance of the dryer
  (1) boiling dryer confined to the negative pressure operation, the airflow through the filter. Easy to operate, easy to clean, the ideal equipment to meet the requirements of "GMP". Freely set stirring to avoid agglomeration of raw material and forming canal flow, convenient and easy to operate, the flash dryer materials the fineness can only achieve a certain degree, and can not further control.
  (2) boiling dryer crushing function much better than flash unit and a wide range of applications, so the production is larger than the flash dryer, more granular product.
  (3) the thermal efficiency is significantly higher than the boiling dryer in dry flash machine, so the obvious energy-saving. However, flash drying function effectively control the final moisture and fineness, through the regulation of feeding, air temperature, classifier, to ensure that the moisture content of the product and the fineness of uniform. The unique advantages of the flash dryer.
  Boiling dryer drying effect
  Boiling Drier advantages are:
  (1) models, small footprint: supporting devices, and silencer ability, can production in the city.
  (2) the ability drying time short compared to the energy-saving pounds
  (3) fast, strong production capacity, according to their own requirements for automatic access to materials design.
  From a long-term survey found that boiling dryer has the advantages of good heat transfer effect, production capacity, uniform temperature distribution operation in various forms, material residence time is adjustable, low investment costs and less maintenance workload. Has shown its unique position in the dry areas in the country after 30 years of use and improvement in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other increasingly reflect its important role. But can still be improved in some respects better. There are few suggestions to explore with you the next.
  Trap dust removal device for improvement: the smooth conduct of the basic conditions of the process operation of fluidized material has good fluidization state, high-efficiency filter dust collector so that this state can survive. Precipitator efficiency filtration largely determines the boiling effect. The dust shaking bag dust and pulse cleaning dust two.
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