Works and equipment structure characteristics and application of efficient boiling dryer
   Fluid bed dryer, also known as fluidized bed, generally by the heater, fluidized bed host, cyclone, bag filter and induced draft fan operation table. Depending on the nature of the materials, may need a the optional cyclone or bag filter.
  Boiling dryer works
  Boiling dryer are formed using the heating of the air through the heat exchanger, hot air distribution by the valve plate into the host, the wet material from the feeder into the dryer, because of the role of wind pressure, the material formed in the dryer with a boiling state, and with the hot air extensive contact drying materials to be completed in a relatively short time.
  ● air by heating purification by the induced draft fan, import from the bottom through the hopper hole stencil. In the working chamber fluidization is formed through stirring and negative pressure, with the exhaust away moisture quickly evaporated, the material is dried quickly.
  Efficient boiling dryer features:
  ● fluidized bed is a circular structure to avoid dead ends.
  ● the hopper set the stirring to avoid agglomeration of raw material and forming canal flow.
  ● overturned discharge to facilitate the prompt and thorough, automatic access to material systems can also be designed as required.
  ● closed negative pressure operation, airflow through the filter. Easy to operate, easy to clean, the ideal equipment to meet the requirements of "GMP".
  ● drying speed, temperature uniformity, drying time is generally 20-30 minutes.
  Boiling dryer features
  Powder Granulating, improve mobility, and reduce the dust;
  Improve its solubility properties of powder Granulating;
  Mixing, granulating, drying be completed within a machine step granulation;
  Antistatic filter cloth, equipment operation safety;
  Set the pressure relief hole, once the explosion, equipment, personnel from harm;
  The equipment has no dead ends, lighter, faster loading and unloading, rinse, meet the GMP norms.
  Boiling Drier range of applications
  Granulated pharmaceutical industry: Tablets particles, granules and particles, capsules, granules.
  Granulation of the food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice of granule, flavoring and so on.
  Other industries: pesticides, feed, fertilizer, pigment, dye chemical.
  Powdered or granular drying of the wet material.
  Coating: granule, pill protection layer, color preparedness, sustained-release, film, enteric coating.
  Boiling dryer equipment classification
  The appearance is divided into two categories of horizontal and vertical, horizontal, also known as box-type boiling dryer, vertical, also known as efficient boiling dryer. Horizontal and vertical work on the same principle.
  GFG Series efficient boiling dryer applications:
  Mechanisms screw extrusion granules, rock particles, wet high-speed mixed granules.
  ● the field of medicine, food, feed, chemical wet granular and powdered materials dry.
  Large particles, small block, viscous block granular materials.
  ● konjac, polyacrylamide, etc. the volume change of the material when dry.
  Boiling Drier applicable materials
  Pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, powder, granular materials.
  Boiling dryer
  1, material car
  2, the control valve
  3, the early effect filter
  4, sub-high efficiency filter
  5, the heater
  6, the feed pump
  7, induced draft fan
  8, a muffler
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