Details universal grinder water cooling device
The universal grinder Department high-quality 304 stainless steel supporting GB motor, mainly used in chemical materials, Chinese herbal medicine with roots, branches and a massive class materials, various high oil content of food, grains and cereals, as well as some other hard brittle materials. Relatively high-speed operation, between the universal grinder-use activities the chainring and fixed teeth disc was crushed by the the chainring impact, friction and material between the collision and was crushed. Pulverized material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, out of the spout, the general material through the pulverized to go through a cotton bag to collect pulverized material collection out the small perforations in the bag, the air from the bag, will not The fine powder is discharged, and thus play is not a waste, does not pollute the effect. The particle size is determined by the replacement of different mesh sieve. Universal grinder is simple, sturdy, smooth operation, the crushed material quickly, even to good effect. Universal grinder is all made of stainless steel, the chassis the internal (crushed slot) all cogging by precision machining to achieve a smooth surface, easy to clean up, change the rough inner wall of ordinary grinder, easy to build up the powder, hard to clean up the phenomenon, so that the food more in line with national standards, pharmaceutical, chemical production, and achieve GMP health requirements.
  Introduction of universal grinder (stainless steel dust grinder) water-cooled device:
  Universal grinder, stainless steel dust grinder, according to the special requirements of the user and the crushed material of the special physical and chemical properties can be the installation of water-cooling device. If you lower the melting point of the crushed material, lower ignition, heat is easy to become soft, tacky, resulting in lower crushing effect, or can not be crushed, or even result in burning, explosion, which is necessary to the universal grinder equipment, the installation of the water-cooled cooling devices.
  Commonly used in water-cooling unit is in the crushing chamber of the front wall and the rear wall, respectively, the installation of a sealed water folder, so that the flow of tap water or well water to continue to flow into the rear wall water pinch, and then flows into the front wall of water folder, and then by the former The wall of water folder back into the posterior wall of the outflow from the posterior wall of the outlet. The purpose of the water cooling apparatus is to reduce the temperature of the grinding chamber!
  1. Different seasons, different temperatures, different water temperatures will produce a cooling effect.
  2. The heat generated by the pulverization of different materials are different, the temperature rise was also different.
  3. Flows into the water-cooling unit, the water temperature is lower, the better the effect of cooling (waste heat).
  4. The melting point of different materials, ignition of the same, the user must have a full understanding and grasp the crushed material.
  5 universal grinder additional water-cooling unit booking retrofitting.
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