The universal grinder installation method and fans repair method
The universal grinder generally refers to running power of 2 kW, smaller, desktop or mobile shredders. Small high-speed grinder according to the application of different places called also somewhat different laboratory grinder, Chinese medicine grinder, Household grinder. Universal grinder grinding the angular blade grinder lower motor shaft directly contributing to the high-speed rotation through a sealed crushing tank, the material in contact with the high-speed rotation of the grinder blade after impact fragmentation reach grinder purposes. In general the pulverizer use after a period of time because the grinder upper end of the bearing parts of the seal gap slowly with use, very fine dust intrusion inside the motor bearings, causing the increase of the grinder noise and vibration, temperature short time increased rapidly.
  In practical applications because the use of the ultra-high-speed DC motor, the heat is also high, the main heat-generating parts in the carbon brush and the commutator and the tank, this motor is energized running brush contact surface of the commutator, the motor The external power supply (generally a DC excitation current) through the slip rings (the rotor, together with rotor operation), there is provided to the rotor winding (field winding) up from the role of the current commutation, which can allow the rotation of the rotor when inflow DC maintaining flows from one end of the rotor, so that the motor rotates in one direction. Good contact of carbon brush and the motor rotor, carbon brushes, and power connection to provide power to the rotor. Brush frictional contact with the commutator for a long time, so the wear, and need to be replaced, to the extent that when the length of the carbon brush reaches Brush behind supporting spring will no longer function, thereby likely to cause the brush and the commutator contact The bad occurred grinder energized to start experiencing these problems as long as the replacement of the carbon brushes, cleaning the rotor head can be resolved with alcohol.
  Universal grinder for the push-button switches in practical applications, also because of frequent stopping, contact erosion caused by switching the internal power supply when the power switch contacts inside which a phenomenon of poor contact occurs, again by pressing the button on the switch box After shredder will not start, these problems can only replace the switch box.
  Universal grinder power cord connection, a the grinder power box on a 3-foot power cord jack, we only need to the grinder accessories rationing dedicated power cord into the jack can be; Another connection is introduced directly into the shredder power box power cord, so that you do not have to always worry about the one end of the power cord loose phenomenon.
  Here are the the universal grinder fan is a simple and practical maintenance methods:
  1, if the the grinder impeller rivet head is worn, can Welded surfacing by compacting impeller body and the hub, so that wear of the rivet head back to the original normal state.
  2, the rivet holes at prone fatigue crack, the entire root can be used not used the new electrode welding repair cracks, but to the axis line of the impeller is centrosymmetric and repair welding of the crack at the remaining electrodes remain in there, and then a new electrode patch symmetrical rivet hole crack as long as the remaining welding electrode after the rest of the symmetrical rivet repair welding rod to weld up up equal weight. For symmetrical rivet holes at the crack should be electrode surfacing here, used to offset the symmetrical rivet hole crack at new complement the weight of welding. Can repair the crack in accordance with this method of welding symmetrical complement weight.
  3, universal grinder impeller the simple dynamic balancing test, the method is also very simple. Moved manually with the support from the impeller so gently rotate reach balance will stop to the lowest point swing. If emphasis spot welding, increase the weight to make it balance, or rubbed off with angle grinder emphasis on the impeller welding marks, but also to achieve a balance in the opposite impeller, can repair the fan normal working good. Easy with the power to buy Volvo engine parts, looking for Quanzhou
  4, pay attention, can not be used in the repair process of universal grinder fan welding casual spot welding, the welding marks left to the impeller, so as not to affect the balance of the fan impeller, less than the repair purpose, resulting in a greater loss.
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