The boiling dryer product improvements and equipment structure
The boiling dryer cited blower, bag filter, sub-high efficiency filter, heating cabinet, host, electrical control system. Induced draft fan for a power 30k W, air volume 5690 to 6973m3 / h, air pressure centrifugal blower 3857 ~ 8148Pa, by the inverter speed control. Steam radiator as the heating element. The control system consists of the touch screen, PLC, and solenoid valve, the operating parameters of the device through the touch screen settings and displays real-time monitoring data.
  Boiling dryer has the following characteristics:
  ① is particularly suitable for drying diameter of 4mm or less medicine pellets.
  ② material is heated evenly, drying time, no lumps, split pills, and keeps the pill-shaped appearance.
  ③ dry pills disintegration time high pass rate (98%), does not destroy the active ingredients of the drugs.
  The ④ direct contact and Drug parts mostly circular structure, no dead angle, easy to clean, compliance with GMP requirements.
  ⑤ using man-machine interface, the operation control visual, graphical, easy to operate.
  Expanding the scale of production, the original drying equipment can not meet growing production needs, such as the increase in the original production site equipment for large-scale transformation of production sites, and a long construction period, the need to suspend its on production greater impact. Therefore, the principle of the device according to the device structure some improvements so that the capacity of the equipment has been greatly improved adaptability to different specifications of products and equipment will be further improved.
  Boiling dryer structure:
  The boiling dryer works: the materials into the hopper, the cylinder is a relatively closed state. After starting induced draft fan, air cylinder body induced draft fan discharge cylinder in relative vacuum state. When the negative pressure reaches a certain value, in order to supplement the air, the airflow in the role of negative pressure, early, sub-high efficiency filter, heat exchangers, air supply tube from the air distribution plate into the fluidized bed, the material toss , the formation of the fluidized state, the material also be dried with hot air. The dust generated by dry process with the air discharged arrested baghouse dust bag to collect.
  Boiling dryer equipment three major transformation:
  Boiling dryer equipment put into growing sales of various products, increase the feeding amount of each batch of products to meet the market demand, production technology department, but the the largest feeding amount of the original design of the equipment 200kg dry biggest pill diameter 4mm, equipment production capacity can not meet the production needs of the drying process to become the bottleneck of the production process. If we increase the equipment needed to make large-scale changes to the original production sites, not only the amount of investment, and the transformation process will affect the normal production. To this end, device power equipment in conjunction with the plant engineering and technical personnel following transformation equipment production capacity to meet the production needs.
  1. Change on dust, reducing wind resistance to improve the boiling effect
  Original design baghouse dust, dust collector placed in the indoor room. Bag filter has the following disadvantages:
  ① boiling dry process dust production precipitators trap bag easy to plug so poor exhaust, cylinder relative lack of negative pressure, affecting boiling effect.
  ② due to more dust, trapping bags often need cleaning, disassembly is relatively cumbersome and trap bag, the costs of working hours more affecting work efficiency.
  (3) baghouse insulation poor air tightness, the heat of the hot air in the engine room, resulting in the engine room ambient temperature bias n.
  2. Increase blower, to increase the amount of wind pressure and wind
  Boiling dryer original fan centrifugal fan, as induced draft fan motor power of 30kW, air volume for 5690 ~~ 6 973 m3 / h, the wind pressure is 3 857 ~~ 8 148 Pa. To increase the amount of wind pressure and wind, a boiling dry machine installation of a centrifugal fan, try the mechanical indoor use as a blower. Induced fan, the material at the top of a relatively negative pressure; materials have a relatively positive pressure at the bottom of the blower role, the material negative pressure and positive pressure to produce a better effect of boiling. After the trial period of time, found this phenomenon: the top of the drying chamber boiling dryer vent port, with a lid, equipment operating by negative pressure in the closed state. When the the increase fan effect contrast starter blower when this cover occasionally opens, causing dust through the vent port directly discharged into the operating room, pollution clean room, and upon inspection blower air volume in the induced draft fan air flow, the destruction of the negative pressure in the drying chamber due. In order to control the amount of wind pressure and wind blower, and on another boiling dryer fitted with centrifugal fans, also added the inverter control. After the installation of the inverter, by controlling the rotational speed of the blower, to maintain the negative pressure state of the drying chamber, so that the phenomenon has been improved, and can be controlled in accordance with the different specifications of products and, when dried, the different stages of.
  3. Increase airflow guide plate
  The airflow guide plate is not installed, the flow directly impact the front end of the chassis, reducing the air pressure Winds to form stream blind spot the rear end of the machine frame, and easily affect the boiling effect. In order to guide the airflow, so that a uniform air flow distribution in the inlet pipe and the base of the back of the damper is connected at, the installation of an air flow guide plate, to adjust the angle of the airflow, the airflow is evenly distributed around the material container.
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