The universal grinder hot rolled outer folding characteristics and causes of
The universal grinder hot rolled outer folding characteristics and causes of
  Defect characteristics:
  ① universal grinder appearance on the show regularity of folding a triangular-shaped, two-seam straight, linear or irregular sheet folding single slit.
  Presented on a generally continuous or intermittent sewing pin shape or staggered 60 °, 120 °, 180 ° sewing pin-shaped folded in the longitudinal outer ② grinder.
  ③ render spiral folded the universal grinder longitudinal appearance.
  ④ universal grinder surface longitudinally folded, was a pass long punctate or short slash severe staggered 120 ° of the two or three.
  ① tube surface longitudinal crack or serious inclusions, shrinkage, spiral folding.
  The ② tube surface cleaning adverse, sharp edges and corners or exist outside Alice skin.
  The ③ punch guide plate nodulation, or punch exports mouth abrasions capillary.
  The ④ rolling rolls or sheets less roll cracks or bumps.
  The ⑤ Zhang Less machine roller chamfer undesirable, super life, old and new rack with improper use.
  ⑥ Zhang Less machine universal grinder transportation process the mechanical abrasions or bruises.
  ⑦ Zhang Less machine roller cooling water caused Zhang reduction mill roll stick steel.
  Stainless steel universal grinder the machining of six important steps
  1, stainless steel elbow variable wall thickness stainless steel universal grinder, wall thickness changes along the length direction of the tube;
  2, processing grinder sectional circular cross section becomes a square, elliptical, polygonal;
  3, with the grinder of curling and back cover, increasing the total strength of the tube ends to the outside of the tube or the inner bead or will be sealed by the end portion of the universal grinder grinder;
  4, stainless steel elbow variable diameter universal grinder, the pipe end or a part of a reduced diameter tube;
  5, stainless steel elbow bend universal grinder, more contact, is the straight tube into a different radius of curvature of the elbow, elbow, elbow, etc.;
  6, with a flange and round edge universal grinder, the former refers to the end of the tube to the inside or outside scoliosis, the latter refers formed in the circumferential direction of the tube bulge or recess universal grinder
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