Efficient boiling dryer technology applications and the course of development
On market issues, efficient boiling dryer technology applications are by no means limited to the chemical industry but in all walks of life, is very extensive, and with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, efficient boiling dryer technology applications The field will further broaden the potential market is very large.
  Fully catch up with the international level of the advanced countries in order to make our efficient boiling dryer technology, a lot of things to do, but the close integration of academia and industry is one of the very important factors. In this regard, we started early, Dalian University of Technology, the Chinese Academy of Forestry tertiary institutions, the research institute to develop research Spray efficient boiling dryer technology, not only to win the favor of the domestic market, the end of the past spray efficient boiling dryer machinery rely solely on the import of the situation, but also to break into the international market. This, in the last few years, we in the international and domestic Papers of 24 articles, efficient boiling dryer through the exchange of technical information and Professor and MUJUMDAR, translated and published his treatise efficient boiling dryer process principle with equipment and new progress efficient boiling dryer in the organic waste; Canada CANMET Energy Research Center carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation; Leike Fu Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus jointly develop a low pressure spray efficient boiling dryer machine; Technical University of Lodz, Poland, was a wide range of cooperation, including technical exchanges, collaborative research, and so on. Which the 'spray fluidized bed granulation technology' joint research and development has been included in the project of cooperation between the two governments. China has joined the WTO, and has independent intellectual property rights on technology and product efforts in research and development. Currently, two Ph.D. from domestic and foreign culture has been enriched to the days of the company, in the future, we will further enrich the technical strength, intensify efforts to develop. It was agreed that: China from a country's development efficient boiling dryer Fluidized Granulator, we must further strengthen the foundation sealed boiling dryer Zibo advent of theoretical research, strengthening the application of research and application development to be the foundation for technically strengthen the Chinese medicine pharmacy - concentrated with efficient boiling dryer degree, test technology, manufacturing processes and materials Material design and other aspects of research. In application development, it is necessary to pay attention to international exchanges and cooperation, but also pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights; should not only focus on the new technology, and new areas of application development, but also pay attention to the reform and innovation of traditional crafts and traditional applications. As a manufacturing enterprise, management innovation, technological innovation efforts in the product on the upgrading efforts in accordance with the high quality requirements of low power consumption, environmentally friendly adjustment of product structure, the culture of competitive advantage, promote integrity services, to promote enterprise development.
  Efficient boiling dryer works:
  Efficient boiling dryer at the bottom of strengthening the unique design, stirring teeth rhombus, its linear flow can drag to a minimum, set in a conical hopper points knife and fixed knife, crushing effect is significant, the whereabouts of caking material quickly crushed dry granular powder suitable for airflow, stirred another major role is dispersed materials, increasing the contact area with the hopper below the incoming high-speed hot air, so the hopper region is formed of an intense heat and mass transfer of the fluidized bed, large some moisture is dried in the hopper area. With the drying carried out, the a lighter tapered dry material by the airflow significantly increased, together with stream and further dried, and finally out from the top of the drying tower into the material collection system.
  Efficient boiling dryer product design features:
  Closed negative pressure operation, airflow through the filter. Easy to operate, easy to clean and is in line with the requirements of "GMP" ideal equipment.
  Efficient boiling dryer for fast, uniform temperature, the drying time is 20-30 minutes.
  Efficient boiling the dryer hopper set the stirring to avoid agglomeration of raw material and forming canal of flow.
  4. Overturning unloading grain, to facilitate the prompt and thorough automatic access to material systems can also be designed as required.
  5. Fluidized bed is a circular structure to avoid dead ends.
  6. Efficient boiling dryer upon request automatic access to materials design.
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