The channel mixer equipment lubrication, commissioning work
Channel mixer the extensive mixing powder or wet materials, mixing different proportions of the main accessories. This to be in contact with the material the total price are made ??of stainless steel stirring shaft at both ends of a sealing device to prevent material leakage.
  Channel mixer motor through V-belt pulleys, worm gear drag to rotate mixing pulp;
  Trough mixer the stirring shaft ends intention thrust ball bearings and radial thrust ball bearings can prevent the radial load to a rocky ledge, stirring shaft at both ends of the adjusting screw can freely adjust the the power worm gear on the right side axial the position, worm and worm centerline positive; loading immersion mixing pulp is appropriate, then the upper cover, and then drive. Channel mixer pouring, start pouring motor the aggregate mixing box is rotated to the proper position to pouring, the role of self-locking worm gear, worm drive, mixing box at any angle pouring.
  Channel mixer lubrication
  (1) channel mixer machine both ends of the worm gear box filling 20 # machine oil to the a dip worm gear or worm prevail, to be replaced once every three months;
  (2) Current bearings should be filled with calcium-based grease filling should be appropriate for one-third of the mobile bearing cavity.
  The channel mixer debugging and maintenance
  User must check the channel mixer machine parts, stirring paddle mixing box throughout oiled cleaned by hand to move the V-belt pulleys, check whether the Do Jin, hinder, and then check the rotation of the stirring paddle correct electrical sensitive when confirmation, empty test, the flexible component drives no abnormal sound, no vibration phenomenon, mixing pulp no enclosed wall, each bearing less than or equal to 60 degrees, the good performance of the appliance, parts operation after inspection, to comply with the requirements officially began production.
  The channel mixer V-belt course of time relaxation should be regulated to prevent belt slippage wear, but also should prevent too tight fever;
  Channel mixer electrical lines should avoid damp;
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