The universal grinder set of standard operating procedures and equipment structure
The universal grinder group is mainly composed of several major components of the base, casing, spindle activity tray, sieve, hopper, active plate fixed on the spindle, fixed plate mounted on the front cover, active disk follow the spindle motor start together for High-speed rotary motion.
  The universal grinder group on the upper end, the next two hoppers, material added to the hopper, open baffle on the bottom of the hopper, the material from under the hopper through the middle hole of the fixed disk enter the shredder cavity. Because the relative operation of the high speed of the movable disk and a fixed disk, while the ring gear of stars layers staggered so that the material to be crushed in their relative movement. The crushed material through the machine sieve filtered through the fine sieve, the outflow from the export base, rough and some continue to stay in the machine chamber crushed, so the cycle to complete the crushing of materials processing.
  Universal grinder set of standard operating procedures
  (1) universal mill group before the operation prepared:
  Various components (1) check universal grinder group is firmly installed, especially activities teeth fixed nut, tighten the screws;
  (2) check the universal grinder group equipment clean condition;
  ③ check the the universal grinder group of equipment lubrication;
  ④ Check whether upper and lower pulley in the same plane parallel to the belt tension situation
  ⑤ turned by hand when jamming phenomenon, spindle running freely
  ⑥ crushed material necessary to pre-cut into segments, slices or blocks, to avoid blocking the steel teeth, increase the motor load
  ⑦ check materials. Note the clear material in metallic foreign body such as nails, prevent accidents
  (2) universal mill group run
  ① Open the collection box door, in a bar on the dedicated bag spout. Close the collection box door
  ② According to the technological requirements of the universal mill group selection screen, install screen
  ③ Check whether the material to be crushed pretreatment
  ④ first open the universal mill group fan switch, motor switch to open the normal equipment load running, add materials, adjust the feed rate according to the degree of friability of the material and the grinding fineness requirements? ⑤ smash the end of the operation, or you want to stop, before stop feeding. Universal mill group to continue to operate for a few minutes until the grinding chamber no residue.
  ⑥ discharge: Turn off the motor switch, open the collection box door, remove the material stand
  ⑦ such as the large amount of crushed material can repeat the operation, legislation to all materials crushed
  ⑧ universal grinder group operation is finished, turn off all power switches
  ⑨ check whether the abnormal equipment of universal mill group. Parts of the equipment in good condition
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