The boiling dryer production process and product use
The boiling dryer: also known as fluidized bed, which is the air filter, fluidized bed host, cyclone, bag filter, high pressure centrifugal fan, console. Because of the different nature of the dry material, matching dust removal equipment, according to the needs of, and can simultaneously select the cyclone, bag filter, can also choose which one. In general, a larger proportion of materials simply select the cyclone; proportion of lighter materials required supporting bag filter, equipped with pneumatic feeding device for selection.
  Boiling dryer works is the use of heated air through a heat exchanger, the formation of the distribution of hot air through the valve plate into the host, wet material from the feeder into the dryer, boiling state is formed due to the role of wind pressure, the material in the dryer, and extensive contact with hot air and drying materials to be completed in a shorter time. Powder Granulating, improve mobility, reduce dust; through the the powder granulation improve its solubility; mixing, granulation, drying step granulation in a machine; antistatic filter cloth, equipment operation safety; setting pressure relief holes, once the explosion, equipment, personnel from harm; equipment no dead ends, loading and unloading are quick and light, rinse, meet the GMP standard.
  Work, the air is sucked in through the air filtration and a heater, the lower part of the fluidized bed through the sieve was blown, so that the wet particles were suspended was fluidized "boiling shaped", dry and hot air in the wet granules through, in the dynamic carried out under heat exchange, to take away the water vapor and to achieve drying.
  Stop through steam when the temperature reaches the set value, but the heat exchanger is still waste heat the air temperature continues to rise, and vice versa, this will cause the temperature fluctuation is too large, affecting the quality of drying. To maintain the level of the inlet air temperature by controlling the size of the steam flow to steam flow began to heat up when the inlet air temperature close to the set value as soon as possible, and then automatically adjusts the amount of steam it slowly close to the set value, the last stable the amount of steam so that the temperature of the inlet air to maintain stability.
  Boiling dryer uses:
  Boiling dryer suitable for drying of bulk granular materials. : Of medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials, particles of the tablet, Chinese medicine, chemical raw materials in plastic resin, citric acid and other powdery, granular materials drying dehumidifier. Food, food processing, the feed drying in the food and beverage granules, corn germ, feed and other dry. The particle size of the material is generally 0.1-6mm, the optimum particle size of 0.5-3mm. Advantages implement automated continuous production, fast-drying, low temperature, to ensure the quality of products, in line with GMP requirements.
  Boiling Drier range of applications:
  Granulated pharmaceutical industry: Tablets particles, granules and particles, capsules, granules.
  Granulation of the food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice of granule, flavoring and so on.
  Other industries: pesticides, feed, fertilizer, pigment, dye chemical.
  Powdered or granular drying of the wet material.
  Coating: granule, pill protection layer, color preparedness, sustained-release, film, enteric coating.
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