The boiling dryer in a marked improvement in its technology and techniques, can adapt to the requirements of the market its
Boiling dryer is used a dry boiling dryer, also known as fluidized bed, divided into two major categories of vertical and horizontal, usually by the heater, fluidized bed main cyclone, bag filter, cited six major components such as fans, console. The main principle of its work, the use of air through a heat exchanger is heated to form a distribution of hot air through the valve plate into the host, wet material from the feeder into the dryer, boiling state is formed due to the role of wind pressure, the material in the dryer, and extensive contact with hot air and drying materials to be completed in a shorter time.
  Boiling dryer works:
  Natural air after heating after purification, by the fan is drawn into the container, to form a fluidized state by stirring and negative pressure under the action of the porous mesh plate, in a large area of ??gas - solid contact material (solid phase) within the rapid evaporation of water after, with the exhaust pipe to drain away, to achieve the purpose of material drying.
  Boiling dryer features:
  1, loading the material inside the hopper with a stirring device, stirring drying, so that the material difficult to form a dead space within the hopper, the material is sucked by the heat evenly, drying speed.
  2, the hopper of the charge material is tapered, to increase the flow rate of the material, to facilitate the fluidization, and the same time can be adapted to a wide amount of material, each consisting of up to 80 ~ 120kg / batch.
  The trap bag is made of antistatic filter material, texture, light, easy assembly and disassembly and cleaning.
  4, boiling dryer design a special gas distribution plate, so that the heat carrier gas stream transverse spirally enters boiling material flow from the stars contact heat carrier gas stream uniform sucked by heat, materials dried faster. Reduce steam consumption, and energy savings.
  5, the charge material within the hopper equipped with sampling devices, can be sampled at any time of drying endpoint of the test material, to ensure the product quality.
  6, the boiling dryer is also equipped with cold process, the dried material in a timely manner through the cold cold cut. Prevent material waste heat excessive deterioration, and to ensure the quality of the drying materials.
  Boiling dryer also uses special materials hot air filter to prevent the radiator of the foreign body and air impurities into the material to ensure clean and pure materials.
  Boiling Drier very obvious advantages:
  First, the good effect of heat transfer, temperature uniformity, and production capacity;
  Second, due to the uniform temperature, it is possible to avoid local overheating, suitable for the thermal drying of the material;
  The boiling dryer flexible operation, either continuous operation intermittent operation;
  Fourth, the drying time is flexible and can maintain the stability of the product moisture content;
  Fifth, safe and convenient to operate;
  Sixth, boiling dryer costs low, and easy maintenance.
  Scope boiling dryer also very extensive, such as pharmaceutical, food and other industries in granulated, powdered or granular wet material drying and Drug coating and so on. This shows that the boiling dryer has played a huge role in the pharmaceutical field.
  But in the process should be noted material and the space inside the machine than the effective drying time, the size and shape of the dried material and other factors affect the drying effect, so as not to impair product quality.
  In recent years, the boiling dryer a marked improvement in its technology and techniques, to better adapt to market its requirements. I believe that as technology advances, the scope of application of boiling drying equipment will be further expanded.
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