How to properly install swing particles?
Rock particles machine installation instructions
  The rock particles machines for the entire packing, unpacking after moved to the appropriate use of local, pad level to use.
  Electrical circuit means is not subject to the restriction of the rotational direction, the line is clamped by the base below to switching, the cable card via the belt cover.
  1.1 before installing the first reference to the packing list check parts are complete and damage the rock particles.
  1.2 installation, refer to the installation diagram which rock particles machine supporting chassis must be mounted horizontally on the foundation, the foundation should have sufficient stiffness and strength to support the the vibrating screen dynamic load and static load.
  1.3 can take advantage of the screen box trunnion lifting screening machine, lifting the entire sieve can not be directly linked to the exciter.
  Should ensure that a class of non-moving parts of the screen box and hopper, chute kept to a minimum 75mm gap between 1.4 installed swing particles machine screen machine.
  1.5 swing the particle machine equipment installed, maintained around the screen surface level, otherwise, you can adjust the spring seat support pad thin sheet iron.
  1.6 springs must be in a vertical state, the spring fixation in the sieve box of the trunnion.
  1.7 the vibration sieve drive direction given is standing on the feed side, face the direction of the flow of material, observed the motor position, the left-hand side to the left to the driver, the right-hand side for the right to drive. The vibrating screen with symmetrical design, both sides pulley. Replace the motor position to change the direction of the left and right drive.
  1.8 to ensure that the tension of the V-belt has a sufficient amount of adjustment the two pulley end surface adjustment in a plane.
  The 1.9 swing particles machine before the trial must be by hand (or other) rotating exciter. Flexible rotation, the jamming before starting rock particles.
  No-load commissioning, should be less than 2 hours after the end of the installation and adjustment of 1.10 rock particles, smooth operation, no abnormal noise bearing maximum temperature does not exceed 75 ° C.
  Rock particles machine instructions
  1. Use: starting rock particles, the mixture was poured into a hopper, and by the the rotating drum swing, squeezing the material through a screen to form particles, such as crushed pieces, should be added gradually, not fill, in order to avoid pressure is too large the screen wearing. 2. Note: Hopper as powder stop high, must not spent shovel, avoid hand injury accident, application of bamboo shovel or parking.
  Rock particles machine maintenance instructions
  1. Periodically check the parts, once a month, check the worm gear, worm gear, bearing and active part of the flexible and wear, discovered defects should be repaired in time, shall not be reluctant to use.
  2. Rock particles machine should be placed on a clean dry indoor atmosphere acids and its parts shall not contain corrosive gases flowing places.
  3. The rock particles machine after use or lockout, wash or brush cleared bucket remaining powder will remove the rotating drum, and then properly installed and ready to work for the next.
  4. Disable a longer time, must be rock particles systemic wipe clean parts of the glossy coated with anti-rust oil with a cloth booth
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