Big reason for the current instability of the rock particles machine, start it up and vibration analysis
   The current instability of the rock particles machine is how is it?
  A: (1) pressure roller ring mold gap improperly adjusted;
  (2) The riving knife badly worn, riving uneven;
  (3) semi-finished products back to the compound containing coarse silt (sizing screen damage occurred);
  (4) raw materials and the added liquid, uneven mixing of steam;
  (5) The drive belt tightness.
  The rock particles start up and how they deal with?
  A: (1) Check the power supply is normal power; (2) Check whether the safety pin fracture; (3) Check the limit switch is in place; (4) the check swing particles door is locked in place.
  Rock particles machine abnormal sound vibrations is why, and mainly consider which factors?
  A: 1. Material handling unstable, you should adjust the feed rate;
  2. Deflection the blade wear cause uneven feeding, you should replace it with a new scraper;
  Rock particles machine ring mold and pressure roller mix of old and new, the best new ring mold with a new pressure roller;
  4 ring gap between the mold and the pressure roller and production material uncoordinated, adjust the nip;
  5. Pressure roller, the old and new pressure roller used in common, or the pressure roller wear and damage;
  6 more difficult formulations used granulation, appropriate adjustments to the recipe;
  Steam supply is insufficient or when there are changes in pressure, check the steam line and the system pressure and the pressure relief valve is normal;
  8. Granulation positions into the debris, clear granulation positions within the debris;
  9 spindle bearing wear or damage, the need to replace the bearings.
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