The structure and function of the rock particles and the role of application
The structure and function of the rock particles
  The structure of the rock particles is not complicated, seemingly simple, but it also has its own uniqueness. Rock particles machine body as an independent rectangular cylinder connection on the device closed bearing pink bucket, pink bucket toward the outside of the machine, equipped with a V-shaped chassis, the ground wide level, and therefore to be fitted can be positioned anywhere indoor use. Recumbent rotating drum set below the powder hopper, front and rear bearing support by rack drive for forward and reverse rotation, the end face of the bearing cap before moving, assembly and disassembly, just unscrew a wing nut. bearing cap and rotating drum to be pulled out, placed both ends of the cylinder made convex ring, embedded bearing indoor, that is not the ingress of oil into powders, and will not bond plugged. Gearbox worm gear speed ratio to 1:12, the box can store oil, gear lubrication and no noise, endoscopy can be observed on the box, observe the functioning of the oil reserves, worm outer end, equipped with The eccentric shaft, driven rack to reciprocate.
  Rock particles machine for the wet powder to be developed into a desired particle lumps of dry material, can also be pulverized to the desired particle. Seven corner roller demolition convenient, easy to clean. The driving mechanism is totally enclosed in the body, with the lubrication system, smooth running machine. The rotation speed of the drum of the seven-angle can be adjusted. The machine looks neat, especially mesh wire mesh or stainless steel mesh. So that the quality and economic efficiency of the particles have a greater increase. The new models, designed and manufactured according to the requirements of GMP and the whole appearance full-quality stainless steel plate is closed.
  Rock particles machine wet powder or massive dry material developed into the desired particle mesh metal mesh, Simple detachably, elastic adjustable. Mechanical main components are enclosed in the body, together with the lubrication system, the smooth operation of the production process. The whole appearance made of stainless steel. Meet the GMP standard, and significantly improve the quality and economic efficiency of the particles.
  The rock particles machine is rocking the role of a rotating drum through a wire sieve can be wet powder materials research into particles, also widely used for crushing has become the pieces and be ready with the particles.
  Research into powder particles together in chemicals used as wet, after drying for compressed tablets, they can be crushed during storage and condense into a block or block sub-caking chemical process in the food industry used for handling of confectionery and sugar mixture and malt milk and other products in other industries, such as ceramic, plastic and other mixed material into shaped particles.
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