The boiling dryer composition characteristics and conservation knowledge
Boiling dryer are formed using the heating of the air through the heat exchanger, hot air distribution by the valve plate into the host, the wet material from the feeder into the dryer, because of the role of wind pressure, the material formed in the dryer with a boiling state, and with the hot air extensive contact drying materials to be completed in a relatively short time. Fluid bed dryer, also known as fluidized bed, generally by the heater, fluidized bed host, cyclone, bag filter and induced draft fan operation table. Depending on the nature of the materials, may need a the optional cyclone or bag filter.
  Boiling dryer are formed using the heating of the air through the heat exchanger, hot air distribution by the valve plate into the host, the wet material from the feeder into the dryer, because of the role of wind pressure, the material formed in the dryer with a boiling state, and with the hot air extensive contact drying materials to be completed in a relatively short time.
  Boiling dryer features
  Powder Granulating, improve mobility, and reduce the dust;
  Improve its solubility properties of powder Granulating;
  Mixing, granulating, drying be completed within a machine step granulation;
  Antistatic filter cloth, the boiling dryer safe operation;
  Set the pressure relief hole, in the event of an explosion, the boiling dryer personnel from harm;
  Boiling Drier no dead ends, lighter, faster loading and unloading, rinse, meet the GMP standard.
  Boiling Drier range of applications
  Granulated pharmaceutical industry: Tablets particles, granules and particles, capsules, granules.
  Granulation of the food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice of granule, flavoring and so on.
  Other industries: pesticides, feed, fertilizer, pigment, dye chemical.
  Powdered or granular drying of the wet material.
  Coating: granule, pill protection layer, color preparedness, sustained-release, film, enteric coating.
  Classification of boiling dryer
  The appearance is divided into two categories of horizontal and vertical, horizontal, also known as box-type boiling dryer, vertical, also known as efficient boiling dryer. Horizontal and vertical work on the same principle.
  Boiling Drier applicable materials
  Pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, powder, granular materials.
  Boiling dryer
  1, material car
  2, the control valve
  3, the early effect filter
  4, sub-high efficiency filter
  5, the heater
  6, the feed pump
  7, induced draft fan
  8, a muffler
  Boiling dryer has the following characteristics:
   is particularly suitable for drying diameter of 4mm or less medicine pellets.
   material is heated evenly, drying time, no lumps, split pills, and keeps the pill-shaped appearance.
   dry pills disintegration time high pass rate (98%), does not destroy the active ingredients of the drugs.
  The ∠ direct contact and Drug parts mostly circular structure, no dead angle, easy to clean, compliance with GMP requirements.
  ⊥ using man-machine interface, the operation control visual, graphical, easy to operate.
  Expanding the scale of production, the original drying equipment can not meet growing production needs, such as the increase in the original production site equipment for large-scale transformation of production sites, and a long construction period, the need to suspend its on production greater impact. Therefore, the principle of the device according to the device structure some improvements so that the capacity of the equipment has been greatly improved adaptability to different specifications of products and equipment will be further improved.
  Boiling dryer structure:
  The boiling dryer cited blower, bag filter, sub-high efficiency filter, heating cabinet, host, electrical control system. Induced draft fan for a power 30k W, air volume 5690 to 6973m3 / h, air pressure centrifugal blower 3857 ~ 8148Pa, by the inverter speed control. Steam radiator as the heating element. The control system consists of the touch screen, PLC, and solenoid valve, the operating parameters of the device through the touch screen settings and displays real-time monitoring data.
  The boiling dryer works: the materials into the hopper, the cylinder is a relatively closed state. After starting induced draft fan, air cylinder body induced draft fan discharge cylinder in relative vacuum state. When the negative pressure reaches a certain value, in order to supplement the air, the airflow in the role of negative pressure, early, sub-high efficiency filter, heat exchangers, air supply tube from the air distribution plate into the fluidized bed, the material toss , the formation of the fluidized state, the material also be dried with hot air. The dust generated by dry process with the air discharged arrested baghouse dust bag to collect.
  Boiling dryer maintenance operating procedures
  1, the day-to-day maintenance
  1 operator before each operation to check the steam valve, compressed air and the normal range table.
  2 Check the air bag seals whether a raised, flat head screw is loose and prevent anticipate the car is pushed bashed
  Check hopper bladed paddle is too tight, tight vanes coupled with the resistance of the material, causing the the stirring motor drive load increase, so broken transmission bumps or motor burned
  4 check on whether the air pressure under the airbag ring below 0.1 ~ 0.15mpa high pressure likely to cause sealing burst too low will not achieve the sealing action of the powder leakage, affect the production efficiency and dry mass
  5 Check the compressed air pressure is too high:
  Likely to cause hot and cold damper cylinder momentum Ambassador damper union break or sealant damage, air leaks affect the drying effect
  The two bag Guijia cylinder thrust is too large, the plunger easily bent
  Boiling Drier regular maintenance
  1 in efficiency filter bags periodically clean it every time, boiling dryer vents enter the loose framework screw to remove the mesh bag to use detergent soak for 30 minutes, then rinse and drying
  2 periodically cleaning lubricating the gearbox stirring device
  Transmission gear regularly skip add oil fill equipment lubrication record
  Boiling Drier Note:
  1, before use, the first drum idle running, check to turn with the housing internal standard indicator arrow shown in the same, electric wire row
  2 into the workpiece, to make the workpiece evenly distributed in turn barrel, the amount of work pieces depending on the size of the workpiece, generally 1/2 the amount of no more than go for the best.
  3, with the foot brake plate, must make drum switch the handle off condition.
  Dehydration machine from time to heat more line alone Whizzer, but can not shut down the motor alone heated drying.
  5, should be regular checks and maintenance periodically added to the bearing quality grease to maintain good performance dewatering machine.
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