Vacuum dryer debugging steps and the main points
Dwell vacuum dryer 5 debug steps
  After the vacuum level debugging, as follows:
  Open vacuum dryer power, the power indicator light (6090 and 6210 should be opened separately switch of the temperature control device) temperature control device, the power-on self-test, the PV screen display work indoor measurement temperature, the SV screen display factory set given temperature. AT & HEAT lamp should light on the temperature control device, said instrument into the heating working condition.
  Second, to modify the set temperature:
  Click temperature control instrument function key (SET); the PV screen displays the SP character after the the available key head button set temperature changes (6090 and 6210 type 2 and 3 meter should be set separately modify the following classes the same).
  2, after the modification is completed, press the SET button, PV screen display ST character set timer time. If you do not use the timer function, you still let ST = 0
  3, press the SET button, the PV-screen display studio temperatures, SV screen displays the set temperature. Instrument AT and HEAT lights, the instrument re-enter the warmed working state.
  4, the humidity of the working chamber vacuum dryer, the moisture will affect the performance of the vacuum pump, it is recommended that the string into a vacuum dryer / filter vacuum drier between the chassis and the vacuum pump.
  5, if the process of the vacuum drier article is necessary to add an inert gas such as nitrogen, should be specified in the contract, was equipped with an intake valve.
  Third, when the the work indoor temperature close to the set temperature, HEAT lamp suddenly bright flickered, said heating enters the PID regulator stage, instrumentation is sometimes measured temperature exceeds the set temperature, and is sometimes lower than the set temperature is a normal phenomenon. 1 ~ 2h studio into the thermostat state goods into the vacuum dryer stage again to be When measuring temperature close to or equal to the set temperature.
  Fourth, the desired temperature is low, the second set can be used, as desired working temperature of 70 ° C, the first set of 60 ° C for the first time, and so the temperature overshoot began to fall, and then the second set 70 ℃ This can reduce or even eliminate temperature overshoot, as soon as the thermostat state.
  When the vacuum dryer after use, turn off the power, accelerated cooling, purge valve was opened to the vacuum of 0 to resort to be about five minutes out of the box door.
  Vacuum dryer running after work, a total of 6:00, as follows:
  1, first disconnect the circuit and power source of the equipment, and then prepare the following equipment checks, record work.
  Good run-in equipment cleaning, lubricating, tightening, replace or repair the malfunctioning part and debugging, the best use of state equipment.
  Well and finishing equipment geometric precision, machining accuracy of the inspection records, and other functions of the test record.
  4, in the commissioning of the finishing equipment (including troubleshooting) records.
  5, the problem can not be adjusted, to analyze the reasons, from equipment design, manufacturing, transportation, storage, installation summarized.
  The equipment operation assessment conclusions, opinions on handling handle the transfer formalities, and indicate the personnel participating in the commissioning and date.
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